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10. February 2021

A new Update (v1.5) for Port Royale 4 has been released!

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Hi everyone! 

Update 1.5 for Port Royale is now available via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this update, you can expect changes such as an optional Chinese New Year event, running from February 10-19th. Players participating in the event can expect a themed loading screen and special additions to gameplay.  

Update 1.5 also includes a handful of bug fixes and optimisation tweaks, such as fixes to tutorials and campaign missions.  

Thank you for your feedback and support thus far. We hope you enjoy Update 1.5 and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Your Port Royale 4 Team

Event: Chinese New Year (active from February 10-19th) 

The optional Chinese New Year-themed changes to Port Royale 4 can be enabled or disabled in the Graphics tab of the Options menu. Please note: any alterations will send you back to the main menu, so make sure to have saved your game before making any changes.  


  • Added female versions of the Adventurer and Buccaneer

Bug fixes and optimisation 

General bugs

  • Fixed bug which, while tactic animation is in progress, reset ammo type when cycling through ammo types 
  • Fixed incorrect application of character bonus to Pirate character 
  • Fixed incorrect display of information if player moused over at a certain position 
  • Fixed incorrect quantity of colonial export goods 
  • Fixed fill level display 
  • Fixed game speed (or pause) settings 
  • Fixed tasks displaying for non-existent nations during late game 
  • Fixed broken trade route for convoys, which allowed them to buy but not to sell certain goods 
  • Fixed bug where player wouldn’t receive their reward after completing a castaway mission 
  • Revised dialogue for transfer of vessels after a naval battle 
  • Fixed Consumption and Production of Goods tab when businesses are deactivated 
  • Fixed bug that would highlight buildings while mouse pointer was in building dialogue 
  • Fixed bug that would not let player un-pause the game via Spacebar key 
  • Fixed bug which would abort the siege of a town if the player then engaged in a naval battle 
  • Fixed display of gold icons during mission 
  • Fixed housing situation statistics in town dialogue  
  • Fixed missing flags in Character Selection screen 
  • Fixed bug during naval battles which would allow AI to push player’s ships onto rocks via ability 
  • Fixed bug which allowed for the placement of two ships on the same tile 
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to continue to wage war against a vanquished nation even after they had gained independence 
  • Fixed missing display of player’s reputation (and its impact) in Viceroy tab 
  • Fixed bug that had the Inn building usable while under construction 
  • Fixed bug that came alongside “ready to board” tactic during naval battles  
  • Fixed slider bug which occurred when player selected their desired quantity of bricks via keyboard hot keys 
  • Fixed graphical glitch which had the names of captains display outside of the predefined text box 
  • Fixed independence concession icon which, despite not yet being active, would be check marked as soon as the appropriate conditions are met 
  • Fixed incorrect alignment of flag in town dialogue 
  • Fixed exploit which would allow player to farm from captured military convoys 
  • Fixed exploit surrounding player accruing too many command points 
  • Revised explanation of satisfaction bonus that player would receive when gaining workers 
  • Revised prize money mechanic: convoys are no longer immediately formed; this also allows the player to seize non-nation specific vessels

Campaign fixes 

  • Revised French campaign 
  • Balanced the amount of military convoys in French campaign 
  • Fixed Captain Advisor being plotted at the incorrect location on the map during the English campaign 
  • Fixed several cinematic bugs 

Tutorial fixes 

  • Fixed incorrect figures appearing in a town’s statistics 

Localisation fixes 

  • Fixed Japanese localisation 

Gamepad-specific fixes

  • Fixed missing scroll button in notification window during town dialogue 
  • Fixed redundant ‘A’ to declare war button displaying in several tabs 
  • Fixed bug that occurred if player pressed the PS button during the campaign cutscene that masks loading 
  • Added missing text to the description of the French Viceroy on the Diplomacy screen via the Viceroy menu 
  • Fixed debug text from displaying in the Tips & Tricks section 
  • Fixed a brief distorted sound during loading 
  • Fixed corrupted graphics from briefly displaying if player skips the game’s introductory cutscene  
  • Fixed text from being cut off at the bottom of the Tips and Tricks section 
  • Fixed the text ‘Overwrite Saved Game’ option from displaying on the new save tab if the player scrolls through more than 10 previous saved games 
  • Fixed incorrect timeline of the ‘Hire captain John Hawkins…’ objective during Netherlands campaign 
  • Fixed redundant ‘X’ button prompt displaying in the Journal tab during the Netherlands campaign 
  • Fixed Christmas present of treasure map not displaying on treasure map screen after player acquires it in France campaign 
  • Fixed bug that prevented player from using the Tips & Tricks section during a dice game 
  • Fixed overlapping text in Trade Route Settings tab 
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if a player suspended their game within the Load Game screen 
  • Fixed the incorrect swapping of the minimum and maximum price for trade routes 
  • Fixed small visual issue when player selected Campaign or Free Game

Console only fixes 

  • Fixed alignment of “current fame” scale  
  • Fixed bug at tavern which, at the beginning of a dice game, would display 4 losses for player 
  • Fixed bug during patrol mode, which would allow the command point limit for captains to be exceeded 
  • Fixed bug which would prevent all merchant ships from appearing during naval battles