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20. November 2023

Dungeons 4 | Update 1.1.1


Followers of Evil,

Dungeons 4 Snot Excited 1

With the help of a little slap here and there, the Restless Evil has conspired to release another update for Dungeons 4 on all platforms, tackling reports that brought several issues to its attention. Of course, his loyal minions will continue to look through, investigate and fix your reported issues and the snots are currently hard at work on Update 1.2.

If you happen to come across any unusual behaviour, please send a report along with some screenshots or a savegame file to support(at)kalypsomedia.com, so we can look into this.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

Fare ye well,

The Bug-fixing Evil

char unit snot 05 modelsheet

Changelog Update 1.1.1

  • [Coop-Multiplayer] Further latency improvements.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the Dynamite Wagon in Mission 7 which often did not explode.
  • Added the option to disable subtitles. Coming Soon!
  • Fixed an issue in Mission 14 where it was not possible to send potions to the snot council.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the Guard Room, where creatures stayed assigned to the guard room, even after it was demolished.
  • [Coop-Multiplayer] [PS5] Fixed an issue where the application could be terminated when a client pressed certain buttons during the loading screen.
  • [Audio] The Dungeon Heart “heartbeat sound” is now bound to the effects volume slider.