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14. February 2024

Dungeons 4 | Update 1.3.1


Dear fellow adepts of Evil, the Ultimate Evil greets you,

We have just released a small update for Dungeons 4 on all available platforms. This update also adds Mouse and Keyboard Support on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5!

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

*Insert evil laughter here*


char unit snot 05 modelsheet

Changes Update 1.3.1

Mouse and Keyboard Support on Consoles

Mouse and Keyboard can now be used when playing Dungeons 4 on Xbox Series X|S or on PlayStation 5.

DGS4 Thayla


Implemented several improvements when using a gamepad while playing on PC.


  • [Modding Beta] The list of user-generated skirmish maps now updates automatically after subscribing to a Mod.io map. Previously, if a player subscribed to a user-generated map via Mod.io, the game had to be restarted to refresh the view of the list.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to summon the Dungeon Lord Gorgu within the Dungeon.