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20. December 2023

Dungeons 4 | Update 1.3 🎅

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Dear fellow adepts of Evil, the Ultimate Evil greets you!

We’ve just released Update 1.3 on Steam, Xbox Game Pass across console & PC Game Pass for PC, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S.

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🎅🎄 The Ultimate Evil is in a festive mood and has decided to add plenty of timely Holiday content to the game including a seasonal outfit for Thalya (seasonal) and two permanent new skirmish maps! Please keep in mind that the Ultimate Evil can only tolerate the joyous holiday mood for so long and will banish any content marked as “seasonal” out of the Dungeon on December 31st, making a return next year. 🎄🎅

This update also includes an option to hide the UI, along with improvements to the executable to avoid false malware detection flags and multiplayer co-op bandwidth optimizations.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below.

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May you sleigh plenty of heroes and Hohoho…cough!

Christmas Snot line

Changes Update 1.3

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New Holiday Content

Added new seasonal Content “Winter Season Event” to the game. 🎅 The 2 new skirmish maps are playable throughout the whole year, while the “visual” holiday content is seasonally available each year throughout the month of December.

  • Added a new Christmassy music piece “Last Snotmas” (this content is seasonal).
  • Added the new “Christmas” Thalya outfit (this content is seasonal).
  • Added the new “Christmas Kobold” Hand of Terror skin (this content is seasonal).
  • Added new holiday visual decorations to the Throne Room and Snotling outfits (this content is seasonal).
  • Added 2 new Thalya skills “Thalya, the Glass Cannon” & “Thalya, the Bombardier” to the game. Both skills can be unlocked though the new skirmish maps.
  • Added 2 new skirmish maps to the game. “The Tree of Life” & “Sleepless in Sea Battle”. Both skirmish maps include adjustable map parameters. The tree and transporters on the map “The Tree of Life” have a holiday decoration during the duration of the event.

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Game Options

  • Added graphics option: Shadow quality.
  • Added graphics option: Resolution scaling filter (Upsampling filter).
  • Added the option to toggle the display of gained experience points.

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  • [PC/Keyboard] Added the option to hide the UI. A button can be assigned in the controls options menu under “Hide / show user interface.”
  • [PC/Keyboard] Added the option to freely move the camera. A button can be assigned in the controls options menu under “Free camera on/off.” Please note that there is a limit to the viewing distance and clipping may occur when moving too close to objects.
  • [Gamepad] Fixed an issue where it was sometimes hard to select single units on the overworld.
  • [Gamepad] Perk potion abilities and passive skills are now available for inspection in the ring menu.

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dgs4 evilhand christmas 01 cut
  • Creatures now show new idle behaviors & animations within the Dungeon. They will appear socializing with each other if they have no currents needs to fulfill.
  • New reworked Thalya skill icons have been added.
  • Improvements to the executable to avoid triggering malware detection false positives.
  • Added new research tier to the Prison: “Heroes are teleported to the Prison upon being defeated.”
  • The internal storage of Mana and Toolboxes of the Infuse-O-Mat is now displayed when hovering over the Workshop gimmick.
  • Triggers of traps can now be located on lava and swamp dungeon tiles.
  • Fixed spells not being castable behind locked doors or the slime barrier.
  • Fixed an issue where units could disappear when closing a door while units were on the way to eat gobblers in the gobbler farm.
  • The heroes of the mid-tier can now be distinguished with Elite in their name.
  • The bronze/silver/gold tier icon is now displayed next to the hero image when selecting them.
  • Various improvements to the level editor (PC-Beta).
  • Added VFX when Snotlings teleport themselves.
  • Added VFX when a perk potion is applied to a unit.
  • Perk potions now have individual names.
  • Added the possibility to scroll though the statistics in the Win-screen.
  • Improved the resource distribution logic when multiple work units are queued to be built.
  • General balancing adjustments (Horde champions are now stronger in higher levels; The Dungeonlord Gorgu skill is now more expensive; The following research is now cheaper: Horde faction research, Horde champion research, Gnome research, Vampire Queen research).
  • Multiplayer-coop bandwidth optimizations.
  • General memory usage optimizations.

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Mission Changes

  • Campaign Mission 11: Fixed the side quest “Transmogrifies Heroes” not triggering and completing correctly.
  • Campaign Mission 14: Reduced the amount of evilness demanded by the council of Snotlings.
  • Campaign Mission 17: Added another good creature to allow for more opportunities to gain evilness.
  • Campaign Mission 18: Adjustments to the timing of hero waves.
  • Campaign mission 20: Added further caravans to allow for more opportunities to gain evilness.