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22. May 2024

Dungeons 4 | Update 1.5

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Dear fellow adepts of Evil, the Ultimate Evil greets you,

Today we have released Update 1.5 for Dungeons 4 on all available platforms. This Update includes the new “Possess Little Snot” spell, various fixes, and the full release of the Map Editor, as well as Mod.io access on console. 

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

*Insert evil laughter here*


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Changes Update 1.5

Mod.io (Download Mods)

Mod.io access has been added to consoles. Players can now subscribe to and manage their mods via this new interface. 

Level Editor 

  • The Level Editor has now been fully released. After implementation of community feedback, polishing, and improvements, the Editor is no longer in its Beta phase.  
  • Additional fixes and features have been included in the Editor. Additional feature requests through the community and modding workshop have also been included. 

Possess Snots! 

  • The new spell “Possess Little Snot” has been added to the game. This spell allows you to slip from your godlike position into the dungeon’s simplest creature: A little Snot. “Work! Work! Wait, do I have to do all this myself now?” 


  • The main menu has been reworked. “Community Content” has been added to the main menu. When selecting “Community Maps”, the downloaded maps can be played here (access to the downloaded maps is also possible via the “Skirmish” menu). When selecting “Find More Maps” the Mod.io interface opens. This is where all community content can be managed.  
  • [PC only] When selecting “Editor”, the player can edit or create new maps. 
  • The tile marker iconography has been improved to allow for better recognition of the iconography for colour vision impaired players. 
  • The size of unit names now changes correctly after adjusting the Font Size in the options menu. 
  • Single target spells now highlight their target correctly. 
  • The unit dungeon tooltip is now displayed correctly when you hover over a unit while it is standing in a dungeon room. 
  • Fixed an issue where mini-map icons of imprisoned enemies were being displayed incorrectly after loading a save game.
  • Improved an error message when trying to build a work unit / gimmick outside of a room. 

Gamepad (Controller) 

  • Improved the tutorial of the introduction to the spell menu when using a game pad. 
  • The handling of ring-menus when using the game pad has been adjusted. 
  • The speed of scrolling within the level selection has been adjusted when using a gamepad. 
  • [PS5 Only] The speed of scrolling within the options menu has been adjusted when using a gamepad. 
  • The scrolling of the game hint menu has been improved when using a gamepad. 


  • Fixed input issues when using both a mouse and controller. 
  • Improved the behaviour when using CTRL+Click on a unit portrait in the unit selection. 


  • Improved the collider of portals to allow for better selection and easier transfer of units. 
  • The use of perk potions has been reworked. Perk potions are now unlocked immediately after researching the Voodoo Brew and can be produced immediately without any other requirements. 
  • Fixed an issue where Snots and some other units would go through visually closed doors. 
  • Fixed an issue where golden portals would not get marked as preferred targets after slapping them. 
  • Implemented several minor performance and memory optimisations. 
  • Fixed an issue where the selected Thalya skin would reset to default if the changes weren’t applied in the options menu. 
  • Fixed an issue where Thalya’s revive animation would display incorrectly after saving or loading a game. 
  • Fixed an issue where Thalya was unable to cast her spells while sitting on the throne. 
  • Fixed an issue where the dungeon lord was not re-summonable after dismissing him. 
  • Fixed an issue where the behaviour of the Hypno-Bullfrog was not working as intended after the first two attacks. 
  • Fixed an issue where some visual spell effects were not being displayed with the correct timing. 
  • Fixed an issue where some skills or traps were able to target units in the fog of war, which was unintended. 
  •  Fixed an issue that caused unresponsive input behaviour when demolishing unpaid rooms. 
  • Improved a visual glitch which occurred when demolishing a torture work unit / gimmick. 
  • Improved some graphical glitches appearing on the Ice Tomb floor. 
  • Improved some visually flickering decals appearing during skirmish map “Dreamdungeon”. 
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would stop mid-air due to sudden abortion of the skill (death of a unit or changing of behaviour of a unit).
  • Added a missing collider of a Stone of Finitude.