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21. April 2021

Join us in celebrating 15 years of Kalypso Media

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Mark your calendars for August 16th, we’re turning 15!

While our actual birthday is still a few months away, we’re starting the festivities today, alongside Tropico’s 20th anniversary. Why? Because Kalypso is to Tropico as El Prez is Penultimo – soulmates, and with many exciting stories to share!

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In the past 15 years, Kalypso Media has published many successful and beloved series, including fan favourites Tropico, Dungeons, Railway Empire, Patrician and Port Royale. Founded in 2006 by two determined individuals, Kalypso has grown immensely over the last decade and a half, now employing 150 people across 4 different countries! In other words, it truly is ‘Where Games Live’.

We can’t fit the journey of Kalypso into one day, so in the next few months, we’ll celebrate by sharing memories and anecdotes from development, hidden treasures and funny videos as well as special let’s plays.

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And that journey begins today with the 20th (yes 20, don’t question it) birthday of our one and only El Presidente! Here on our brand-new blog and official social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch) we’ll be sharing milestones, behind the scenes moments and the best bits of the last 15 years of Kalypso Media. Stay tuned for more!