Kalypso Media at PAX West and Tokyo Game Show in pictures


This year, Kalypso Media presented their most anticipated games for 2019/2020 at PAX West and Tokyo Game Show with a huge line-up of great strategy games. Events like this make it possible for us, to connect with players and press face to face – which is fantastic. Below you can find some impressions of PAX West 2019 and Tokyo Game Show 2019 in pictures:Pax 3
At PAX we showed  Tropico 6 for consoles (Xbox One / PlayStation 4), Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars and Spacebase Startopia.

HopeEl Presidente brings hope to the console-front, by invading Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 27th.

Pax 16
Vote El Prez, or else! – El Presidente getting more Tropicans on his island.

Pax 6
It gets dark and bloody – Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars could also be played at PAX West. Hint: Join the beta via the Kalypso Media Store.

At Tokyo Game Show we showed: Tropico 6 for PlayStation 4, Commandos 2 – HD Remaster and Port Royale 4From left to right: Anika Thun (Kalypso Media International Marketing Director), Daniel Dumont (Creative Director Gaming Minds Studios), Alun Lower (First Party PR Manager).

Hands On! – At Tokyo Game Show visitors were able to have a look at El Presidente ruling his island on Playstation 4 first hand.

Time to shine – Tropico 6 was part of a big stream event at Tokyo Game Show, hosted by Square Enix.

Save the date – Tropico 6 starts the invasion on consoles on September 27th worldwide.