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5. July 2021

Kalypso Media Hires Yann Le Tensorer as Internal Studios Supervisor

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Kalypso Media Group has today announced that industry veteran Yann Le Tensorer joined the game publisher on July 1, 2021 as Internal Studios Supervisor.

Le Tensorer, who has held senior positions at Ubisoft, Giants Software and others for over 25 years, will report to Kalypso Media Group management and oversee and advise internal studios including Realmforge Studios (Munich), Claymore Studios (Darmstadt) and Gaming Minds Studios (Gütersloh/Paderborn).

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“It is a great pleasure for me to bring my many years of expertise in game development and management to Kalypso, and to work with the teams to ensure that we work efficiently and develop high-quality strategy and simulation games. Our current projects are already in high demand with the community and have huge market potential.”

Simon Hellwig, Managing Director of Kalypso, commented on the new arrival: “We have grown tremendously in recent years.  Our development capacities have more than doubled and our growth in this area is continuing. Accordingly, it makes perfect sense for us to have Yann, an experienced developer luminary, to support us.  We hope that his work will directly impact our main pillars of game development, time, quality and budget, in a positive way.”