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28. July 2021

Kalypso Media’s Greatest Suppawt

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Coffee, tea, cake or sweets may be particularly pleasant when working from home, but nothing beats our fluffy family members who keep us company throughout the day.

During our Corona exile, surrounded by the same 4 walls and without the physical presence of our colleagues our pets filled that role gladly and swiftly. We still miss the office with all the jokes thrown in passing, philosophical conversations on the patio or simply nicking snacks from our desk neighbour. Therefore, we #InsideKalypso have chosen the gooddest boys and the bestest girls as our Kalypso “Suppawter” among our favourite four-legged friends who made our days when working from home so much better.

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Here are our top 3 (technically 4) winners:

Merves Suppawt
3rd place: Kara (Flauschi)

In 3rd place, we have Kara aka Flauschi, who belongs to our Junior Marketing Manager Merve. Present for every call with his devotion to feet, he plays fetch better than even a dog!

Charley Jared
Runner-up: Charley

In 2nd place is Charley, who belongs to Jared, Marketing Director North America. This little guy likes to eat power cords and considers himself training adverse. Apart from that, however, his love is boundless – he simply thinks everything and everyone is great.

Baffy Rink
Runner-up Baffy

Little Charley shares his place in the Kalypso employee ranking with dog lady Baffy, who belongs to our producer Christian. She always knows when the mailman arrives, listens attentively in calls (she doesn’t want to miss a thing) and drags all sorts of little things with her that encourage her owner to have a short break.

In 1st place as the proud winner and “bestest suppawter”, we have Isaac. The cat belongs to our Junior Digital Sales Manager Jeanette and our QA & Submissions Manager Konstantin (El Presidente incognito). Isaac is cuddly, very affectionate and always knows how to cheer his owners up. Isn’t he adorable?

Isaac Suppawt
Winner: Isaac

In the vastness of the Internet, there are already countless cute and adorable animals, but we figured, there can never be enough cat and dog content! …and llamas and degus and vacuum cleaners… So, here you have a truckload more. All the participants of our poll!

Ponyo Lynsey
Ponyo: I’m terrified of Bananas, have a little toy mouse that I take EVERYWHERE with me and I’m not even a cat because I don’t meow!