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20. May 2021

Milestone 2017: Tanks and Longships

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For our next milestone, we head back to 2017. This was a year that showcased the broad portfolio of genres Kalypso could reckon with, including the release of brutal action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard and the RTS wartime epic Sudden Strike 4. A strategy publisher at heart, we still like to dip our toes into other areas and enjoy seeing what other spaces in video games can provide.

In Sudden Strike 4, tanks roll across the battlefields of World War II. Enemies must be defeated and military conflicts resolved with tactical finesse and forward thinking. Whether PC or console, Sudden Strike 4 offers the best of the real-time strategy genre, boasting 5 DLC that allow the player to tackle missions across an array of real world, wartime theatres (Africa – Desert War, Road to Dunkirk, Battle of Kursk, The Pacific War, Finland – Winter Storm).

But tanks don’t just appear in the game. At gamescom 2016, the Soviet T-43 joined the thousands of excited gamers and gamescom goers. Never trust a tank though! During setup, the installation led to a sizeable hole in our booth decorations!

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Vikings – Wolves of Midgard goes even further north and tells the story of the fictional clan of Ulfung – the titular Wolves of Midgard – who must do battle with beasts and destructive forces to save their home, Midgard, from complete annihilation. Vikings was a new realm for us, ARPG meets Norse mythology, but very well received and we think, one of our best titles that still holds up today. Dr. Bettina Albert, Head of Customer Communications, recalls a memorable moment from the game’s development:

For me,Vikings – Wolves of Midgard was the perfect way to unwind from the very first time I played it – a great way to cap off a long day. My fondest memory is a brainstorming meeting we had where we envisioned sailing together from Worms, down the Rhine to gamescom, in a Viking longship.”