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6. May 2021

Milestone 2019: Tropico 6 arrives on consoles!

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Next up in our walk down memory lane: our milestone for 2019! After the successful launch of Tropico 6 for PC in March 2019, El Presidente (with the help of his serv-… palace staff from the Ministry for Binary Magic, Limbic Entertainment) set his sights on the next big thing: extending his influence to consoles – specifically the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In September 2019, only 5 months after the game’s initial launch, Tropico 6 arrived on both.

Since its release on PC and consoles, Tropico 6 has received excellent support from the community, who are still supplying us with a steady stream of excellent feedback. Thanks to this enthusiasm, the beloved dictator simulation has gone on to receive no less than 13 content-packed, free updates, which have served to make the game even better, bringing fixes, new features, and maps to the isles. Since launch, the goal has been to have these updates available to all Tropico 6 players regardless of platform and we’re proud to have this Games as a Service-approach as a cornerstone for Tropico 6’s success and reverence with fans and critics alike.

In between his day-to-day duties and hunt for colourful llamas, we had the opportunity to speak with none other than El Presidente’s right-hand man, Penultimo:

T potrait CW Penultimo

Yes, I remember that time well!

The Tropican Ministry for Misinformation and Propaganda and our Secret Police had a genius idea!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles were everywhere and we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to leverage and spy on people… I mean… collect necessary data about their technology usage. All for the benefit of the great nation of Tropico, of course!

I’m not certain of the specifics but I have seen something camera-like embedded in that irregular-shaped box; it even beeps and turns blue when you press it and there’s a similar lens-looking button on the other one, white with an X in the middle! If that’s not a camera, I don’t know what is. This was all our great leader’s doing although, humble as he is, he would never admit to it. El Presidente is such a modest and generous man. I am only his servant, with dreams of grandeur hoping to achieve even half of his greatness.

Now that I think about it, I am not even sure what happened to that data… I’ve never seen it but El Presidente is a technology expert, so I’m sure he has it somewhere safe.

Oh, is that a spot of pink? Hector?! Penny?! Please don’t run away again!

Unfortunately, that was all the time he had for us, though we did see him chasing something colourful. Can’t be certain it was a llama… Maybe a protester? No, too tall. Wait…El Presidente?