New Update (v.1.10) ‘Halloween & Challenges’ has been released! | Kalypso Media Blog

24. October 2019

New Update (v.1.10) ‘Halloween & Challenges’ has been released!

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Today sees the release of the ‘Halloween & Challenges’ (version 1.10) update for all platforms. This free content pack adds Challenge Mode, in which you can compete with others players for the best score, as well as some spooky costumes for Halloween!

More details below:

New features

  • Introducing Challenge Mode:
    • We will be releasing challenge maps with specific tasks on a regular basis, enabling players to compete via a global ranking list.
  • Halloween event:
    • To celebrate October, some characters have donned spooky new atire
  • A new symbol now indicates the presence of a maintenance shed in the list of train stations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rare cases of parallel tracks being blocked by signal deletion on a neighbouring track.
  • Fixed a few instances of auto-save timer not resetting properly.
  • Fixed track bed sometimes not appearing when laying tracks.

With the new update, the train starts rolling on our development roadmap:

RailwayEmpire Roadmap NE DU EN 1S