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21. May 2021

Port Royale 4 – Changelog – Update 1.6

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Hi everyone!

Update 1.6 for Port Royale 4 has set sail on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This update fixes several bugs and errors, including a few crashes that were popping up during manual naval battles.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support. 

Your Port Royale 4 team


  • Added option to highlight convoys with multiple command points in red.
  • Added tooltips for captain’s dialogue.
  • Added name of convoy to naval battle dialogue.
  • Added a detailed tooltip on goods for automatic trade convoys.
  • Added pause option to tavern dialogue.
  • Added legend entry for help button in character dialogue.

Bug fixes and optimizations

General bugs:

  • Fixed crash during naval battles caused by faulty sound effects.
  • Fixed crash when armed trader is plundered.
  • Fixed text overlap of long convoy names in naval battle, convoy, and lighthouse menu.
  • Fixed character name overlap (at certain length) in character selection screen.
  • Fixed misaligned convoy name, flag, and captain during naval battles.
  • Fixed bug preventing player progress due to a missing Pirate.
  • Fixed incorrect production effects in towns.
  • Fixed bug displaying quantity of goods as negative.
  • Fixed town mission “Sell Goods” (now works in all towns).
  • Fixed display of turns / rounds in naval battles.
  • Fixed bug that had ‘game speed’ and ‘end turn’ buttons appear in legend during naval battles intro.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to revoke captain’s tactics while animation was still running.
  • Fixed visual flickering on coral in ocean
  • Overhauled naval battle AI (now more agile)
  • Fixed naval battle AI so enemy ships now make use of fire darts on immobilized ships.
  • Fixed bug allowing players to leave a blank name for a nation when declaring independence.
  • Fixed bug that made town names invisible when buying building permissions.
  • Fixed bug which caused the game to un-pause after a naval battle.
  • Fixed bug during naval battles which allowed the player to use more movement points than they had available.
  • Fixed faulty captain’s tactic ‘outmanoeuvre’.
  • Overhauled captain experience points, skills, and initial start level.
  • Fixed bug which caused Shipyards to not offer ships on hard mode.
  • Fixed bug that did not register unarmed ships during “sink ship” missions.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sinking armed ships in trade convoys.
  • Fixed graphical glitch in harbour fortress (hovering barrels)
  • Reworked letters of marque after declaring independence.
  • Adjusted estimated repair time for vessels.
  • Reworked spawn logic for pirates so that there aren’t too many active at the same time.
  • Fix bug causing warehouses to be overloaded.
  • Fixed exploit during town sieges with large convoys.
  • Fixed current production display in town dialogue.
  • Fixed bug causing farm crops not to spawn.
  • Adjusted position and size of flag in town dialogue.

Tutorial fixes

  • Fixed bug preventing players to proceed after specific steps (e.g., setting up trade routes in the tutorial).
  • Fixed bug during the tutorial “Basics of production”.
  • Fixed bug that caused town satisfaction to not be high enough.

Gamepad fixes

  • Added display of additional functions in gamepad legend.
  • Adjusted size of ‘trader route selection’ label to prevent longer names from clipping into buttons.
  • Fixed bug that prevented tavern dialogue from opening
  • Fixed auto scroll when gamepad is active.

Console-only fixes

• Fixed random crashes on Xbox.
• Fixed description of ‘Buy/Sell functions’ in large shipyards repair dock menu
• Fixed bug during tutorial where unrelated businesses could be purchased and, because of insufficient funds, player couldn’t proceed further.
• Fixed icons for left and right controller sticks.
• Fixed incorrect game tips upon player clicking left stick during trade route and viceroy screens.
• Fixed graphical glitches for water texture.
• Adjusted touchpad sensitivity when swiping (now less sensitive).