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22. June 2023

Railway Empire 2 | Roadmap 🛤

Railway Empire 2 Roadmap 1920x1080 EN

Attention Tycoons!

Today, we’re bringing you exciting news straight from the Railway Empire 2 Team and unveiling the first roadmap for PC, Xbox One, Series X|S and PlayStation 4|5 with our first three major stops.

Our Railway Empire 2 journey will follow the tracks laid by its predecessor, with a view of even greater improvements on the horizon. This is just the first roadmap of multiple that will follow, but for now, let’s have a closer look at the first three major stops. 👇

manualpic track with trains 1
iliketrains 1.17.1 engineer cut
The Railway Empire 2 team has been all ears and are about to incorporate some amazing improvements based on your feedback.

rail 1

Our journey begins at the first station, which boasts over a hundred fixes to ensure the smoothest possible engine maintenance. We’ve carefully listened to your feedback and will be addressing a lot of your concerns.

rail 2

Second on our route is the implementation of manual signals. One of the most requested features across social media, reviews, forums, and discord, was a new manual signalling system for Railway Empire 2. We are bringing back the manual signals from the first Railway Empire – as requested by our veteran players. In addition to our newly introduced automated logic with waypoints and track directions, you can then take matters into your own hands for your rail system. This will be a separate mode that will let you start a new game with manual signalling.

rail 3

At our third stop, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Quality of Life in Railway Empire 2. We have heard your wishes for a more comfortable and customizable gameplay experience and will be implementing additional overlays and shortcuts, among other improvements.

In the future we’re also planning to provide some co-op multiplayer focused improvements. Please keep your feedback coming, on Social Media @kalypsomedia or in the Feedback and Suggestions forum on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1644320/discussions/3/.

Your experience matters, and we are committed to making it awesome. We want to hear your thoughts and grow the game together!!!

All aboard!

Your Railway Empire 2 Team

Railway Empire 2 ride along big