25. October 2023


Railway Empire 2 - Manual Signals Update


We have just delivered Railway Empire 2’s massive Update 1.1 for Steam, Xbox Game Pass across console and PC Game Pass for PC, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles (supported through Smart Delivery):

When Railway Empire 2 was released, a lot of you expressed a desire for more control regarding your signals. We have been working hard to respond to your wishes, and with this update we have implemented the ability to choose how you place your signals. Automatic signaling mode with track directions is the recommended way to play Railway Empire 2, but for those of you who would prefer to take full control over your Railway system, the new “Manual” mode can now be selected at the start of a new game. Please note that you have to select one of the two systems at the start of a game and these modes cannot be changed afterwards and are incompatible with each other.

We have also implemented some additional tweaks to the train logicinterface and, among other things, have added the option to play your game at x5 speed. Furthermore, we have added improvements to the warehouses to address goods that did not reach their destination.

Please find the full changelog below.


  • Added Manual Signal Mode as a separate game mode where the player can place signals manually:
    • When starting a new game, you can now choose between two different signal modes: “Automatic (recommended)” and “Manual”. Since the two systems are incompatible with each other, you must decide at the beginning of a game and cannot change the mode during a running game.
    • In “Manual” mode you may place individual “stop” and “directional” signals, or place several signals at once within a certain distance. You can also remove all signals on a track section.
    • All signals allow a train to wait at them if the next signal section is used by another train. Sometimes trains stop at signals even though the next section is free to avoid blockages. “Directional signals” allow trains to pass in one direction only, “Stop signals” may be used in both directions and are primarily intended to divide long tracks into several sections.
    • This mode is intended for more experienced players, as with great power comes great responsibility: If you do not set up your signals correctly, blockages will occur!
  • Fixed a bug where signals did not update on competitors track properly, after the AI has built new tracks, resulting in sub optimal signal placement.
  • Fixed signal positioning at gridirons so that signals no longer spawn in the middle of the track.


These fixes address reported issues of “trains not delivering goods” and “goods not reaching their destination”.

  • The farther away a factory or farm from a well-supplied city, the less likely it is, that goods will be delivered to that city. If a city is undersupplied, goods will be delivered anyway.
  • Added additional tooltips to cities and warehouses showing detailed information about goods in transit.
  • Added some hints and warnings if goods are not picked up from warehouses due to insufficient trains.

Train logic

  • Fixed a bug where goods were not delivered, while a waypoint in route planning.
  • Fixed some rare cases in which trains were not entering track segments.
  • Fixed an issue where trains were waiting for other trains that were behind them.
  • Fixed a rare bug where trains were stuck after refueling at supply towers.


  • Added option to enable x5 game speed. [PC ONLY]
  • Added option to display/not display warnings.
  • Added option to skip non-tutorial voice messages from characters.
  • Added option to adjust scroll speed.
  • Moved the “Icons at the Edge of Screen” option from the “Display” to the “Gameplay” menu.


  • Fixed some layout problems within newspapers.
  • Users are now able to input non-Latin-alphabet text.
  • Maintenance costs are now properly displayed in the quarterly report.


  • Fixed a bug where the refrigerator car was available without unlocking the tech.
  • Fixed some performance issues during videos.
  • Fixed a bug where AI competitors would participate in auctions even if 100% of their shares were owned by the player.
  • Further stability improvements and smaller bugfixes.
  • Fixed several tutorial soft blocks.
  • Trains without sufficient water supply now have their max speed halved instead of only their acceleration speed being halved.