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2. October 2019

Spacebase Startopia: An Introduction to the Decks


In this post, we’ll look more at our upcoming space sim Spacebase Startopia and delve into the three decks you’ll need to maintain in order to keep a successful and flourishing spacebase.

SBS_4k (6)

First up is the the Sub-Deck. This hugely important area contains all rooms vital to the continued survival of your base’s inhabitants. On the Sub-Deck, you can construct handy facilities such as Recycling Stations, Communications Centres (handy for scouring the outside world for other sentient life), and Berths, which are excellent for maintaining your inhabitants’ sleep, food and hygiene habits.

SBS_4k (2)

Next is the Fun Deck. As the name implies, the focus of the Fun Deck is enjoyment. Here, inhabitants can access a variety of leisure activities such as Cat Cafes, art galleries, and, for those feeling particularly depleted in dopamine, amusement rides such as the Black Hole Drop or even a Loot Box Lottery! Remember to make things fun for your inhabitants and your spacebase will flourish.

SBS_4k (5)

The final deck is the Bio Deck. Home to all sorts of interesting flora and fauna, the Bio Deck (when properly managed) provides valuable resources tantamount to (ah-ah-ah-ah) staying alive. Managed by dryads – a species who make it their mission to ensure the sustained and healthy existence of all plants on board – the Bio Deck is the place to be for a ‘bit of green’ in the cold vacuum of space.

We hope you enjoyed this first look at the three decks of Spacebase Startopia. Keep it tuned to the Kalypso blog for more updates as the game sets to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q3 of 2020.