Spacebase Startopia launches 26th of March on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4|5 | Kalypso Media Blog

28. January 2021

Spacebase Startopia launches 26th of March on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4|5


Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have today revealed that upcoming space station management sim Spacebase Startopia has locked in its final release coordinates andwill launch on the 26th of March for Windows-PC/Linux/Mac, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation® 4|5. The game’s beta is currently available to all Steam and Kalyspo Store pre-purchasers, as well as Xbox via Game Preview. A release date reveal trailer can be viewed below.

Spacebase Startopia sells players the galactic dream: managing their very own donut-shaped space station. Overseen and assisted (when she feels like it) by the base’s prickly on-board AI, players will play Commander to their floating home-away-from-home, kitting out the station’s three unique decks with a variety of galactic gadgetry whilst tending to the wants and needs of a diverse array of vacationing extra-terrestrial lifeforms. In multiplayer, up to 4 players can work together to build the galaxy’s greatest getaway, or seek oblivion unto their rivals with daring feats of economic sabotage.

Spacebase Startopia launches on the 26th of March for PC/Linux/Mac, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S) and PlayStation® 4|5. The Nintendo Switch™ version will follow later in the year. Commanders in training can pre-purchase now via the Kalypso StoreSteam and the Microsoft Store to receive 10% off, or pre-order the physical edition at participating retailers.

Spacebase Startopia – Release Date Reveal Trailer

Title: Spacebase Startopia
Platforms: Win-PC/Mac/LinuxXbox
PlayStation 4|5, 
|, Nintendo Switch™
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Genre: Management simulator
Release: 26/03/21
Nintendo Switch™ TBA
Hashtag: #SpacebaseStartopia

Spacebase Startopia is a galactic new take on a fan-favourite space base-management game set in…well, space! This vibrant and often absurd universe offers players an exciting blend of city building and base-management, with a flash of RTS skirmishes.
By breathing life back into a true classic, developer Realmforge Studios strikes a careful balance between nostalgia and innovation in its reimagining of the popular strategy game, which revolves around a donut-shaped space station filled to the brim with a colourful cast of aliens managed by their tireless commander (that’s you, human). 

In Spacebase Startopia, players will carve out their own little space in the universe, ready to become a galactic utopia – if your management skills are up to the task. With three different game modes and a vast amount of management decisions to be made under the watchful eye of the VAL, the station’s sardonic AI, there’s plenty of in-depth gameplay waiting for new and seasoned players alike. But beware of invading space pirates, who will do their best to ruin your carefully laid plans!


  • Single player campaign with 10 fully voiced missions
  • Work together or compete against rivals in competitive and a cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Explore the potential of your space base in a fully configurable sandbox mode
  • Build a variety of rooms across three very different decks to cater to the needs of visiting aliens
  • Manage a melting pot of different lifeforms, each with their own individual – and sometimes contradictory – needs and desires
  • Produce and trade resources to turn a profit while running sabotage missions against your competitors