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9. February 2023

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale | Update 1

Tortuga A Pirates Tale Update 1 Twitter

Avast Ye, fellow Pirates!

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale’s first update has just been released for Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 | 5.  

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Update 1 includes several balancing changes which among other things, rebalances gold (PLEASE NOTE: this change ONLY affects new games started WITH update #1) and reduces late-game articles of capture. Improvements on console include a more stable frame rate and increased font sizes for better readability. Coming for all platforms, the update also includes several other improvements to the harbormaster, sea battles, along with further balancing, and several fixes for issues, e.g. that Pirate flags could not be lowered near towns.

You can find the detailed list of changes coming to Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale with this update below.

May yer winds be fair and the sea followin‘,

Your Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale Crew


  • [Console only] Font size increased to ensure better readability.
  • [Console only] Frame rate on PS5 and Xbox Series X is no longer unstable.
  • Tooltips of ship upgrades now display more information.
Harbormaster improvements:
  • Added weight info for ship upgrades.
  • When selecting new cannons, cannon decks now display damage difference in comparison to currently installed cannons.
  • Cannons can now be sold by type via clicking on an upgrade slot or by deck via clicking on a deck.
  • Cannons can now also be sold at ‘ordinary’ harbormasters.
  • Upgrades which are selected to be bought are now displayed with a lower opacity in the upgrade slots.
  • All upgrades can now also be sold under their respective category.
  • Unique icons for standard and long nine cannons.
Sea battle improvements:
  • Mortar animation is now skippable.
  • Animations of player’s action phase are now skippable.
  • Added an option to disable cinematic sea battle camera.


illu battle end victory.4k
  • Gold was rebalanced so that the absolute numbers were decreased overall, as well as the relative numbers adjusted. PLEASE NOTE: to avoid negatively interfering with your current rounds, balance changes to gold will ONLY affect new games which are started with update #1.
    • Decreased ship selling prices.
    • More post-battle loot.
    • Adjusted quest rewards.
    • Adjusted equipment prices so that tier one is cheaper in general and higher tiers cost more.
    • Adjusted prices for additional cannon decks so that the ones for bigger decks are more expensive.
  • Smaller ships now have better maneuverability than bigger ships.
  • Reduced requirements for late-game article of capture.
  • Experience gain after level 30 increased.
  • Experience reward from main scenario quests increased.
  • Rebalanced the damage of ramming in sea battles and added an effect that reduces the target ships movement to 0 on impact.
  • Cannon restrictions: big cannons can only be used on bigger ships now.


  • Fixed an issue where the Pirate flag could not be lowered near towns.
  • Fixed an issue where Pirate hunters would not spawn in every player owned territory.
  • Fixed captain companions coming with a new ship every time they were rehired.
  • Fixed a missing dialog during ‘Attack Towns’ quest resulting in a blocker.
  • Fixed an issue where the governor quest reputation was not increasing properly after loading a save game.
  • Fixed ‘rehire’ in captain’s quests of Esposito and June May
  • Fixed an issue where experience bonus from approval when dividing booty was not applying correctly.
  • [Sea battles] Fixed the front battery shooting animation.
  • [Sea battles] Fixed the targeting highlights for targeting skills.
  • [Sea battles] Fixed an issue where the shooting action was incorrectly shown as unavailable after toggling cannon decks.
  • [Sea battles] The ‘overwatch’ skill is now working as intended.
  • [Sea battles] The ‘trap-setting’ skill no longer damages the player’s ship.
  • [Sea battles] Fixed a rare issue where the AI wasn’t using action points when shooting.
  • [Sea battles] Fixed an issue where empty cannons could fire again.
  • [Sea battles] Removed soft locks caused by obstacles.
  • Fixed several typos and improved localization.