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20. December 2021

Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch Update 1.0.3: Dos viejos amigos para el cambio

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Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 Update 1.0.3 was just released for Nintendo Switch, adding improvements and a range of free content for you, such as two new sandbox maps. This update also includes a new edict, the“Tropico Papers” – meaning that Tropican citizens at the ‘Filthy Rich’ wealth level  live rent-free for a small fee (payable to El Presidente’s personal Swiss bank accounts), as well as Teamster emergency jobs, an ability that allows you to set a teamster a priority route to complete a job faster and 2 new buildings.

Of course, Update 1.0.3 also addresses several bug fixes reported by you.

Viva Tropico!

New maps

  • Added 2 new sandbox maps for singleplayer mode
    • Dos Viejos Amigos (Two Old Friends)
    • Lirio Dorado (Golden Lily)

New Buildings:

–  Added new building “Manure Spreader” (Counters soil degradation for ranches and plantations in the proximity)

–  Added new residential building “Flophouse” to provide housing for the poor

(Available in the World War Era)

New edict:

  • Tropico Papers

Tropican citizens at the ‘Filthy Rich’ wealth level no longer need to pay rent. Instead, every month, 15% of what they would have paid is rerouted to the player’s personal Swiss bank account. The personal experience of Tropicans living within range of any media buildings operating on the ‘Open mind’ or ‘Telenovela’ work mode will decrease by 10%.

New features:

  • Teamster emergency jobs

Would you like a job done immediately?

The new Emergency Job ability allows players to set a teamster a priority route with which to complete a job – handy for heist setbacks, delivery quests, and factory support.

  • Ranches can now produce manure for the manure spreader


  • If changes are made in the Options menu and players tries to exit before saving, a warning will now be displayed.


  • Fixed a bug where Ancient Ruins displayed the Road Connection requirement – something only applicable to the mission ‘Tropicoland’.
  • Fixed an issue where tourists and Tropicans would float around Transport Ships.
  • Fixed an issue where teamsters would occasionally stop to support buildings.
  • Increased the range of Middle East demands to match the respective area of influence.
  • Added ability for Snorkel Bays to be duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue with Mine relocation.
  • Fixed an issue that led to corrupted save games if the player destroyed a pharmaceutical company in the work mode “powerful placebos”.
  • Fixed an issue where banks would not generate the calculated income in the work mode “private banking”.
  • Fixed an issue where the market manipulation raid in the cyber operations center was not working correctly if the player had built a pirate cove as well.
  • Fixed an issue where fish farms would display “fish” as their produced good after loading a save game, even though they were producing “shellfish”.
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed tunnels could not be rebuilt – tunnels can no longer be damaged, but they can still be destroyed.
  • Fixed a misleading rescindable date in the almanac after winning an election.
  • After issuing the Martial Law edict, an incorrect election date was shown in the almanac. The election date has been fixed.
  • Fixed effects of last election speech being applied for subsequent elections when explicitly choosing to hold early elections.
  • Fixed a palace configuration that prevented roads being built near the palace.
  • Fixed roads that could not be demolished in pause mode if built on top of previously demolished buildings.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented enabling DLC content in regular missions when using a controller.
  • Fixed rare memory related crashes
  • Fixed an issue with the Cyber Operation Center where the objects visual was faulty while zooming out.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to access blank construction menus in the Tutorial.