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12. October 2022

Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch Update 1.0.5

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Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 Update v. 1.0.5 has now been released on Nintendo Switch™.

This huge, major update adds new content, such as new maps, the very helpful Resource Overview, the “Secure Mansion“, new modern military building, the “Overwatchtower” and more. The Overwatchtower offers the ability to uncover hidden roles of passing Tropicans: nothing escapes the eyes of El Presidente!

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Of course, Update v. 1.0.5 also contains some improvements and bug fixes. For example, we’ve addressed a bug that prevented the special “Make Party not war” festival from disappearing in the mission “The Final Party”. Similarly, a bug that meant the festival areas do not show the festival cooldown for the client has also been fixed.

Check out the Changelog below in its full glory!

Viva Tropico!


  • Added the option to toggle controller vibration in the settings. 
  • Added new ‘Resource Overview’ tab to Almanac, detailing each resource e.g., current amount stored, production history, or recent distribution.  
  • Added 3 new maps:
    • Islas De Mesetas 
    • Isla del Trébol  
    • La Península Gigantesca 
  • A new entertainment ‘building’ has been added: Meet the busker, a street artist who can be placed on sidewalks and adds that extra flair to your buzzing streets (available from Colonial Times onwards). 
  • Citizens and buildings can now be given custom names. Citizens with custom names will show up in a special section within the almanac. 
  • Added more challenging thresholds to victory conditions in sandbox missions. 
  • Reorganized display of modifiers in the efficiency-tab of buildings. 
  • Improved raid duration time accuracy. 
  • Adjusted cost for modernizing Guard Towers. 
  • The housing demands of Tropicans have improved. They no longer build shacks near wind turbines and relay stations.
  • A new Cold War building, the “Secure Mansion”, has been added.
    The Secure Mansion provides a new living space for rich and filthy rich Tropicans (including its own bunker). The Mansion can be modernized to the Secure Mansion and the Secure Mansion can be modernized to the Modern Mansion. Also, you can improve the Secure Mansion with the “Increase Surveillance” upgrade. This gives the building a chance to uncover hidden roles of passing Tropicans. No Tropican is safe from the watchful eyes of their rich neighbor anymore. 
  • A new Modern military building, the “Overwatchtower”, is now available.  
    The Overwatchtower is an improved and modernized version of the World War Watchtower. The buildings new work modes offer the ability to uncover hidden roles of specific agents with a high chance or all hidden roles of passing Tropicans with a lower chance. Those pesky Tropicans will no longer have a chance to hide in the plain sight of El Presidente. 
  • Improved the display and calculation of Military strength for buildings and squads. 
  • Prevented the special “Make Party not war” Festival in “The Final Party” Mission from vanishing when it hasn’t been held in all Areas at the same time. 
  • [Lobbyistico] Rebalanced beauty-value of parks from the Lobbyistico content.
  • [Caribbean Skies] Adjusted duration of Meteor Shower disaster music in the mission ‘Drone City’. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where it’s not possible to access save game with population of over 1000.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the controller vibration to not work.
  • Fixed the issue of Central Intelligence building missing the ‘Consume, Sleep, Obey’ work mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the population change graph in the Almanac could show no values.
  • Fixed amount of money displayed in the ‘Private Bank’ work mode.
  • Fixed some issues with the ‘Lightbulb Ban’ edict when relocating houses with the ‘Electrification’ upgrade.
  • Fixed cases where highlighted buildings affected by the Manure Spreader were missing.
  • Fixed player receiving too high a tourist rating after visiting a Gourmet Restaurant with Sushi Mastery Work mode.
  • Fixed Museum of Modern Art not being affected by the ‘Permanent Exhibition’ work mode of Luxury Hotel.
  • Fixed tourists getting stuck in Tourist Port – a result of the captain dying during travel to the port.
  • Fixed a mine within the ‘Tropicoland’ mission that was inaccessible.
  • Fixed a rare scroll bar glitch.
  • Corrected positioning of Ancient Ruins in ‘Lirio Dorado’ map.
  • Fixed an issue where military units would not leave their barracks during an attack.
  • Fixed the Ancient Ruins site on the ‘Rio’ map.
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of barracks did not affect the strength of the units. 
  • Fixed several occurrences where citizens were teleporting to their destination. 
  • Fixed an issue where El Presidente would talk to Tropicans without triggering the effect of improving their personal experience. 
  • Fixed Church Fee edict increasing fees for all buildings instead of just religious ones. 
  • Fixed an issue where the research menu would appear empty when opening it for the first time in a session. 
  • The work modes of the Funfair Pier were not working correctly. These issues have been resolved. 
  • Fixed an issue where market manipulation for import routes also affected export routes. 
  • Fixed busker visitors clipping into the gift box. 
  • Fixed broken option menu tabs when switching between Arabic languages. 
  • Fixed logging camp and coconut harvester not using nearby trees when relocating their buildings. 
  • Fixed the busker being able to catch fire. 
  • Fixed several graphical glitches. 
  • Fixed several crashes.  
  • Fixed several localization & text issues.  
  • Fixed a bug that meant the festival areas do not show the festival cooldown for the client. 
  • Fixed the “Real Machine Gun” Upgrade for the Watchtower.  
  • Fixed the “Military Police” Edict not correctly changing the Crime Safety values for Military buildings. 
  • Towers now open the Military Strength-Overlay during placement, instead of the Crime Safety-Overlay, which is usually not affected by them. 
  • Fixed the “Right to Arms” Edict not changing affected values correctly. 
  • Fixed the Cathedral upgrade being overwritten by the Theocracy Constitution option. 
  • Fixed the manure production not getting cloned when copying a Ranch. 
  • Fixed the “Bigger Tanks” upgrade not getting cloned when copying a Fishfarm. 
  • Corrected an issue where the Camera didn’t move correctly to the Palace at the start of election speeches. 
  • Fixed flickering of a certain type of Stone after reloading a savegame on the Map “Between a Rock and a boring Place”. 
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Drone Factory using up Resources even when the Outstock for a specific kind of Drone is already full.  
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue in the mission ‘Penultimo’s Secret Mission’, where it was possible to lose the game due to suspicion even after completing the final raid.  
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed Construction Workers walking on cliffs in mission ‘The Scientific Method’.