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6. December 2019

Tropico 6 Receives First DLC ‘The Llama of Wall Street’ and Free Update

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Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment have today announced the release of both Tropico 6’s first DLC, The Llama of Wall Street, and Seguridad Social – the seventh free update to the beloved dictator simulator.

Tropico 6  The Llama of Wall Street adds an array of new in-game features to Tropico 6 such as stock market manipulation. Using the Trade Institute building, players can directly influence the in-game economy by altering the value of goods such as shellfish, tourist fees, or even a dictator’s favourite, uranium. The DLC also adds random economic events. Greased with Arabian Oil sees a hefty tariff added to goods traded with the Middle East and USA, whilst The Brink of Chaos event inflates the value of weapons, canned goods, steel, and other items instrumental to surviving an apocalypse.

The Llama of Wall Street also expands on Tropico 6’s existing content. Alongside the Trade Institute building, the DLC adds the industry-boosting Toy Workshop, and the Smart Furniture Studio.

Tropico 6 – The Llama of Wallstreet DLC Trailer

Free to all players and also available today is the Seguridad Social update, which adds the new Warehouse building, sandbox map Rio, and community requested Social Security edict, which helps prevent in-game student and retiree NPCs from going broke.

Title: Tropico 6  The Llama of Wall Street DLC
Platform(s): Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation®4, Xbox One
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Genre: Dictator simulator
Release: Out now (Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Windows, Mac, Linux)
Hashtag(s): #LlamaofWallStreet
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