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31. March 2022

Tropico 6 Update 17 – Una Magnífica Memoria

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Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 Update v.17 ‘Una Magnífica Memoria’ has just been released for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

RAM consumption is reduced by up to a GB and should be especially noticeable for players with weaker hardware. We are also working on another optimization update to prepare Tropico for its brilliant and bright future!

Of course, Update 17 also contains further bug fixes, like the Metro Station upgrade for the Airport that now works as intended. Also, the efficiency of media buildings now affects their liberty value.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below.

Viva Tropico!


  • Memory Optimization
    Reduces Tropico’s RAM consumption by up to 1 GB under certain setups. Players with older or weaker machines should benefit from this update.
  • [Festival DLC] Increased the time limits on the easy difficulty level for the “Between a Rock and a boring Place” mission to make it easier.


  • Fixed an issue with the “Metro Station” upgrade for the Airport.
  • Fixed an issue where the faction standing effect of the “Social Security” edict did not work properly when the edict was leveled up.
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of media buildings did not affect their freedom value.
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of the Modern Villa and the Super Villa was not affected by the local beauty value.
  • Fixed an issue with the preview for the palace during relocation, which now adjusts to the actual layout.
  • Fixed an issue where mines sometimes failed to recognize new mineral deposits after an era change.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the “Dignitaries only” work mode of the Gourmet Restaurant in the Almanac’s modifier list for superpower standings.
  • Fixed an issue with the upgraded Waste Treatment Facility which now generates uranium as the description states.
  • Adjusted the education level description of the Mausoleum’s upgrade.
  • Fixed issues with certain edicts not being highlighted when focused while active.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the broker request for the Middle East Alliance was not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Ancient Ruins lost the “Preferred By” information after reloading.
  • Fixed issues with the placement for Ancients Ruins on the Lirio Dorado map.
  • Fixed an issue with Ancient Ruins’ placement on the “Islas de Goma de Mascar” map.
  • Fixed an issue with the relocation of Dance Schools on certain maps.
  • Fixed an issue with controller navigation in building UI when the constitution is set to Pacifist State.
  • [Caribbean Skies DLC] Fixed issues with alternative work modes for the Central Intelligence building.
  • [Festival DLC] Fixed an issue that caused special work modes to disappear after demolishing a Festival Grod on the map “The Final Party!”.
  • [Lobbyistico DLC:] Fixed an issue where the “Get the Diary” quest was not showing up when continuing the game after bankruptcy.