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12. October 2023

Tropico 6 Update 21: Chozas, Desapareced 🏠

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Fellow Tropicans, 

Update 21

Tropico 6 Update 21 is now released for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 | 5.

With Update 21, we have added a new edict that finally allows you to prevent your Tropican inhabitants from building shacks that disturb the breathtaking view from your pristine and opulent palace balcony.

Furthermore, we have some smaller bugfixes in our update repertoire.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 👇

Viva Tropico! 

Changelog Update 21

New Features 🏠

  • The new “No more shacks” edict was added to the game

Changes 🔨

  • Fixed an issue where celebrities were not behaving correctly and would not interact with or visit certain buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with the pollution reduction of the billboard mode ‘Recycle’. It now only applies to residential buildings and the pollution reduction is now also non-stackable.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing grounds did not replenish on randomly generated maps.
  • Now Buildings like Mines or the Coconut Harvester can still be relocated when their Deposits are depleted.
  • The number of estimated remaining guerrillas in the “Guerrilla Patrol” raid is now randomized.
  • The “Soft Hearted” trait now correctly rolls with a 25% chance for rebels to not attack you.
  • Fixed an issue where agents of quest rewards that were arriving through immigration could end up being from a different faction than the one initially chosen.
  • Fixed a load issue with the Tropocoin Farm “NFT”, after which all Tropocoins were lost when loading a game.
  • Fixed the childhood museum not granting the efficiency bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where Stonehenge would spawn floating trees.
  • Fixed an issue where people could get stuck in traffic & another issue where Tropicans got stuck while robbing other people.
  • Several UI changes & fixes.
  • Several fixes for various crash issues.
  • [Localization] Several text and menu fixes (in addition to an overhaul of the Japanese localization).