Update v1.2.2 for Port Royale 4 on PS4 & Xbox One has been released! | Kalypso Media Blog

5. November 2020

Update v1.2.2 for Port Royale 4 on PS4 & Xbox One has been released!

PR4 newlogo

Hi everyone, 

Port Royale 4 has just received Update 1.2.2. This update includes several changes such as tooltips for the difficulty options and changes to camera settings during naval battles. Update 1.2.2 also contains further corrections and improvements, a detailed list can be found below. 

Thank you for your support and comprehensive feedback thus far. 

Team Port Royale 4  

New features/adjustments 

  • It is now possible to set ‘repair’ and ‘unload all’ via a gamepad in the trade route window 
  • Added legend for tips and tricks, and tooltips for various difficulty settings 
  • Further tweaks made to the difficulty settings 
  • Camera settings in naval battles have been adjusted 
  • Added gold icon to ‘Optional Mission’ message 
  • ‘Avoid hostile towns’ trade route setting is now activated by default 
  • Adjusted hotkeys when trading (these will always now display the new filling level) 
  • Added ability for gamma and colour dynamic settings to be restored with the ‘Back’ button 

Bug fixes & optimization 

  • Fixed: random crashes 
  • Fixed: incorrect pause after naval battle dialog 
  • Fixed: custom settings would not save and can be used after going forward and back 
  • Fixed: incorrect loading screen for sea battles and game endings 
  • Fixed: historical events refused to play after the cinematic  
  • Fixed: replaced debug text with the correct legend text in the Trade window 
  • Fixed: convoy repair UI screen would overlap on the Repair screen if the player did not purchase the Trading License 
  • Fixed: pause and autosave issue if the Mission Failed screen appeared during gameplay 
  • Fixed: ‘Game Tips’ option would not work in the pause menu during tutorials 
  • Fixed: mini map did not refresh after player purchased a Trade License 
  • Fixed: game would get stuck if player quickly cycled through tabs during the Tutorial Quest: ‘Open the Journal and the Treasure Map’