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18. October 2023

15 years of Realmforge Studios 🙌

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A big round of applause and standing ovation for 15 years of Realmforge Studios – Kalypso Media’s very first development studio!

We’re slappin- uhm, clapping with excitement to celebrate the amazing games and realms they forged for us! The Little Snots have created a celebration image for this occasion (some of the hard(ly)-working Snots were unfortunately dragged away by the evil balloons in the process).

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Since 2008, Realmforge Studios have been ruling successfully in their realm of complex simulation and strategy games, but they also brought upon us the best, uhm, the most evil thing the Developing Evil could imagine: The Dungeons series! And with the release of the fourth installment in November, they show us: Evilness and greatness never die!

In almost all of their games, you can catch yourself laughing out loud – their humor is so iconic that it has become a trademark of their art by now! With a smile we think of the snarky narrator lines in Dungeons or the loveable Space Station AI VAL from Spacebase Startopia (according to her records, you have not been workin- uhm, laughing hard enough yet!). It’s to no surprise that they are now also spreading laughter, joy (and presidential oppression- uhm, what?) with the further development of Tropico 6.

A special honour is also due on this occasion. A big congratulations to the three studio heads that contribute to the glory that is Realmforge Studios, for 15 years now: Benjamin, Head of Studio, Christian Wolfertstetter, Creative Director and Korbinian Abenthum, Technical Director.

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So, the final words come from, Dr. Anika Thun, Managing Director of Kalypso Media, who expresses her gratitude and speaks for all of us #InsideKalypso when she says:

“I am proud to honour and appreciate today the tremendous achievement you’ve accomplished – not only of our very first studio, Realmforge Studios as a whole, but also of the individual members of our executive team. They have been pouring so much talent, creativity and hard work into those games, which have become an essential part of Kalypso Media’s DNA. Thank you all, and thank you, Christian, Korbinian and Benjamin, for your commitment, dedication and loyalty which has been shaping our company and is setting us up for a bright future!”

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