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21. December 2021

Disciples: Liberation – Update 1.1

Disciples Liberation blog

Disciples: Liberation just received Update 1.1 on Steam and Epic. Update 1.1 includes new features such as the highly requested difficulty options. Experience your playthrough in four different difficulty levels: Story, Normal, Hard and Brutal. Furthermore, you can change your combat speed to 300% from now.


2. December 2021

Difficulties Ahead – A Disciples: Liberation Dev Diary

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In the following blog post FRIMA Studio is taking you into their developers’ den, granting you some rare insights about how the team is working on the feedback we’ve received for Disciples: Liberation so far – giving you a glance into the crystal ball regarding an upcoming update, including the hallowed difficulty options y’all are waiting for.


25. August 2021

Railway Empire – Update 1.14.1

RWE capsule main 616x290 1

Railway Empire Update 1.14.1 is now available for Windows PC, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update fixes a bug that had trains not to be properly unloaded. Update 1.14.1 also fixes a bug that stopped the Monster Snack achievement from being unlocked. Additionally, it adds further improvements to the Railway Empire – Japan DLC.


23. October 2020

Port Royale 4 Update (v1.2) has been released!

PR4 newlogo

Update 1.2 for Port Royale 4 is now available for Steam and Epic, versions for PS4 and Xbox One will follow. It includes several improvements regarding trade, the trade route editor and city governance, which we introduced to you in the most recent Captain’s Log and have all been developed thanks to your feedback since release.


24. March 2020

Railway Empire Nintendo Switch™ version release date on hold

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Dear budding railway planners on Nintendo Switch™, We’re sorry to bring you some disappointing news.
Due to the current global pandemic, we are not going to be able to meet the scheduled release date for Railway Empire on Nintendo Switch™.
The launch is currently on hold as for now we are unable to guarantee shipping and distribution of the cartridges while aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release.