A new Update (v1.12) for Commandos 2 – HD Remaster has been released!



Thanks again for your feedback thus far.

We’ve been hard at work improving the game and we’re happy to announce today’s update v.1.12 – which includes community requests such as additional save slots, as well as many more bug fixes.

For a more comprehensive update list, check out the changelog below:

Improvements and additions
  • Increased save slots to 20 and quick save slots to 3
  • Added gamepad functionality
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Bonus Diary fails to appear on screen or gets stuck when spamming mouse buttons
  • Fixed: slow loading time when loading a saved game from the pause menu
  • Fixed: some enemies wouldn’t highlight when player pressed F11
  • Fixed: black background would display when player entered the second level of the Eiffel Tower
  • Fixed: incorrect items would display when player looked through the notebook
  • Fixed: random objectives or item descriptions could not be closed using the right mouse button or ‘Esc’
  • Fixed: incorrect mouse cursor offset on top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Fixed: Spanish placeholder text was displayed in some areas
  • Fixed: upon entering a vehicle, camera UI fails would fail to display
  • Fixed: infinite loading screen during ‘The Giant in Haiphong’ mission
  • Fixed: small amount of graphical artifacting at maximum zoom
  • Fixed: graphical artifacts in Picture-In-Picture window
  • Fixed: Private Smith wouldn’t walk to the radio in the mission ‘Saving Private Smith’
  • Fixed: multiple inventory stacking issues
  • Fixed: characters and animals weren’t visible on the water’s surface
  • Fixed: some objectives wouldn’t mark as completed even after player met the required conditions
  • Fixed: placement of mouse cursor shifted slightly at low resolutions
  • Fixed: enemy vision cones and markers would not display correctly on water’s surface
  • Fixed: Green Beret is not shown as having been buried after player loads a saved game
  • Fixed: yellow marker missing from Eiffel Tower interior during ‘Is Paris Burning?’ mission
  • Fixed: character model overlaps vehicle model when sitting on side seat or behind driver
  • Fixed: sniper rifle crosshairs do not move when aiming at an enemy
  • Fixed: Low-resolution textures in some areas of the submarine during the mission ‘White Death’
  • Fixed: Camera control moved to F8 instead of F12 to avoid interference with Steam functionalities
  • Fixed: tripwire displayed as pixelated after loading a saved game
  • Fixed: some mines would only partially display in the mission ‘Saving Private Smith’
  • Fixed: some enemies were invisible while shooting from inside and through a window
  • Fixed: some random inventory freezes when swapping ammunition between player character and stunned soldiers
  • Fixed: some animations for animals were incorrectly displayed
  • Made some general improvements to gameplay and visuals (particularly masking)
  • Minor bug fixes and polishing


Commandos 2 HD Remaster Known Issues (v.1.12)

The issues below are known and currently being worked on. These will be fixed in future updates.

  • Some sporadic graphical glitches
  • Some vehicles, such as trains, have minor animations missing such as rotating wheels
  • General performance has been improved and optimization is ongoing
  • Picture-in-Picture mode still has some artifacting and missing asset issues to be resolved e.g. doors, character shadows
  • Should you experience screen flicker, please set your game resolution to the native screen resolution of your monitor. If you cannot do this, set the game to windowed mode, then change the resolution settings to match your monitor’s native resolution.
  • When experiencing problems with saved games or missions being skipped, please check that your saved game folder isn’t located on an external hard drive but an internal one
Original game related bugs or changes:
  • Highlighted ladders, windows and doors don’t always align correctly