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Tropico 6

16. May 2019

The Best Tropico Yet Gets Better by the Day

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Following on from the hugely successful launch of Tropico 6 on PC, Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment are proud to share a brand-new accolades trailer for their flagship strategy title, showcasing just a selection of reactions from across the worldwide media and fans.


29. March 2019

El Presidente welcomes you to paradise

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With Penultimo busy grooming prize llama Hector for the Presidential parade to celebrate Tropico 6’s glorious launch, the loyal citizens over at Kalypso HQ have been busily editing El Presidente’s welcome trailer for your enjoyment.


22. February 2019

Examining the Quality Assurance of Tropico 6

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The Tropican Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation has the honour of sharing a new interview with the righteous Senor Konstantin Sauer, QA Manager for Tropico 6. Penultimo and Sunny are visiting to have a little talk about the QA department’s valuable work in making Tropico 6 even greater!