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4. December 2023

😈 Dungeons 4 | Update 1.2

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The Ultimate Evil greets you, fellow adepts of Evil, 

We have just released update 1.2 on Steam, Xbox Game Pass across console and PC Game Pass for PC, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S!

This Update adds four more unlockable perks for Thalya (everything for the Queen of Evil), various new game options like UI scaling, mission and control changes, evil laughter via gamepad as well as performance optimizations.

After even more slaps, the Little Snots have now added the option to disable subtitles – for real this time! And of course, they’ve swung their pickaxes at several other issues (dwarves may have been harmed in the process).

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

*Insert evil laughter here*


[EDIT December 4th]

[PS5 ONLY] After the recent Dungeons 4 Update 1.2 for PlayStation 5 we’ve received reports that the update causes issues with your PS5 save games. Thus, we decided to stop the distribution of this update on PS5.

In case you haven’t downloaded Update 1.2 to your console yet, it will just take a bit longer until you receive the update in the fixed version.

In case you are affected by the issues reported, we cannot offer an immediate solution right now, but we will be working to fix this as soon as possible. Please bear with us, we will keep you posted.   

[EDIT December 5th]

[PS5 ONLY] Good uh… EVIL news: We’ve just re-released Update 1.2 for PlayStation 5. Now everything should work as intended. If you notice any unusual behaviour, please email support(at)kalypsomedia.com.

Thanks for bearing with us!

char unit snot 05 modelsheet

Changes Update 1.2

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New Thalya Perks

DGS4 ThaylaSkin Moon

Added 4 new Thalya perks to the game which are unlockable by winning Skirmish Maps.

  • [Tumultuous Transport] Unlocks: “Travel Speed” -> 20% More Movement on the Overworld.
  • [Wave after Wave] Unlocks: “Evil Heroes” -> 50% more Evilness from Heroes, but they have 20% more HP.
  • [Break whatever is trying to break you!] Unlocks: “Guru Mass Slayer” -> You can now hit several Gurus at once.
  • [A Storm is Brewing] or [The Storming of Dollaran] Unlocks: “Old-School Demons” -> Demons are resurrected using Mana instead of Evilness.
Dungeons 4 Screenshot 07 2023 10

Game Options

  • Added the option to increase the zoom distance further. The zoom distance can now be increased from “default” to “far”.
  • Added the option “UI scaling” to increase or decrease the scale of the UI via a slider.
  • Added the option to disable subtitles.
  • Reduced the default auto save interval to 15 minutes.
  • The “render resolution scaling” setting now also affects the main menu background.
  • [PC] [Audio] Added the option “Mute when out of focus” so that the game audio is automatically muted when the game window loses focus.
Dungeons 4 Screenshot 07 2023 8


  • [Controller] Added laughter controls. By default, evil laughter can be triggered by pressing LeftShoulder + RightStickPress
  • [Controller] Added the function of changing snot occupation (also known by priority) through the ring menu UI.
  • [Controller] Added the function of the placement or changing of trap triggers within the trap details menu.
  • [Controller] Added rotation controls for gimmicks. By default, they can now be rotated using the D-Pad.
  • [Mouse/Keyboard] Creatures can now be renamed. When having a creature selected, click on the small icon next to the creature’s name to rename it.
  • [Mouse/Keyboard] The selected creatures can now also be given an attack command when clicking on the mini-map.
  • [Mouse/Keyboard] Fixed the “Overworld Stop” command sometimes not working.
Dungeons 4 Dungeon Entrance Best Screen 2023.07.05 14.12


  • General performance optimizations.
  • [Coop-Multiplayer] Further latency improvements.
  • [Coop-Multiplayer] Further traffic optimizations.
  • [Coop-Multiplayer] Fixed delays in dialogues appearing after a player left the game.
  • [Coop-Multiplayer] An error message is now displayed if the joining player is missing the corresponding community content loaded by the other client.
  • The guard room rally flag is now a separate buildable gimmick.
  • The guard room tutorial hint is now split into one hint for the guard room and one for the rally flag.
  • Changes to the Watchbell gimmick functionality. “A Watchbell set up in the Guard Room can be used to alert Creatures not assigned to guard duty.”
  • Fixed an issue where the guard room rally flag was reset when saving or reloading the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the guard room where it was not possible to select resurrected units which were previously on guard duty (this also applies to a resurrected Thalya).
  • Fixed an issue where Snotlings disappeared when transporting resources.
  • If gimmicks are destroyed, they now leave behind ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where some gimmicks were taking up more space than stated in their description.
  • Updated the icons for unit needs and potions.
  • The torture chamber UI now displays its capacity.
  • Fixed an issue where the newest save game was sometimes not visible when loading a game.
  • Fixed an issue where resource counters were sometimes hidden after loading a save game.
  • Fixed a rare issue where two dwarven doors could appear in the same location.
  • Fixed an issue where the same heroes fell for the same “Epic Treasure Chest” trap multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where Little Snots mysteriously disappeared when trying to drag corpses.
  • Fixed gems being able to be sacrificed in the temple.
  • Fixed some spells and Thalya skill icons not being greyed out if there are insufficient resources.
  • Fixed some issues with the animation of the Infuse-O-Mat.
  • Fixed some visual glitches when too much gold was placed into the treasury at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rangers’ weapons sometimes appeared flickering.
  • Fixed some issues with the poison potion explosion effect.
  • Improved on an issue where some particle visual effects would sometimes show streaks.
  • [Audio] The music now starts earlier after startup.
  • [Audio] Fixed an issue where combat music started when Little Snots stepped into lava.
  • Several UI changes and improvements.
  • Several localization changes and improvements.
  • Various fixes for issues leading the game to crash.
Dungeons 4 LHbDBEzPVq scaled

Mission Changes

  • Campaign Mission 1: Fixed an issue where the blue question-tutorial hint sometimes didn’t disappear from the mini-map even once the requirement was fulfilled.
  • Campaign Mission 2: Increased the spell boost effect from arcane rifts.
  • Campaign Mission 4: Fixed an exploit in which Thalya could be freed using spells instead of using the undead units as intended.
  • Campaign Mission 5: Fixed a situation in which Tristan didn’t disappear as intended.
  • Campaign Mission 5: Increased the selection of traps available to the player in this mission.
  • Campaign Mission 5: The unicorn mini-boss now respawns regularly within this mission.
  • Campaign Mission 7: The “Horde Efficiency” skill is now granted, even when summoning the Prince of Hell.
  • Campaign Mission 7: Fixed that one of the rockpiles couldn’t be destroyed.
  • Campaign Mission 10: Fixed an issue where sheep would enter the dungeon instead of heroes.
  • Campaign Mission 11: Fixed a progression blocker where Tanos did not leave the graveyard. This blocker occurred when a save was created while Tanos was playing a specific animation.
  • Campaign Mission 13: Fixed an issue where it was possible to teleport Gorgu using Thalya’s teleportation skill.
  • Campaign Mission 14: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to pick up the mirror while using a gamepad.
  • Campaign Mission 15: Fixed an issue where an excavated spider room could immediately expand into adjacent rooms.
  • Campaign Mission 15: Fixed a graphical glitch where some decals could be observed flickering.
  • Campaign Mission 17: Fixed an issue where the radar also lifted the fog of war on the overworld, which was not intended.
  • Campaign Mission 17: Fixed the possibility of building other objects like gimmicks over the radar.
  • Campaign Mission 18: Fixed an issue where Thalya appeared duplicated in the outro cutscene.
  • Campaign Mission 18: The currently active stone is now highlighted within the UI.
  • Skirmish Map 2: Fixed a display error on the mini-map.