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18. March 2024

Dungeons 4 | Update 1.4

Dungeons 4 Update 1 4

Dear fellow adepts of Evil, the Ultimate Evil greets you,

Today we have released Update 1.4 for Dungeons 4 on all available platforms. This Update includes various changes to the Map Editor Beta, visual changes to the mod.io interface on PC, new game options like the ability to hide the Hand of Terror, as well as gameplay changes and various animation, visual effects and sound fixes.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

*Insert evil laughter here*


char unit snot 05 modelsheet

Changes Update 1.4

[PC ONLY] mod.io (Dungeons 4 Map Editor Beta)

Implemented several changes to the Mod.io in game UI, to improve the user experience and to make access to community content easier.
Please note: To access community made maps on PC, go to the in-game menu, select “Skirmish” and then “More Maps…”.

  • New visual overhaul, layout changes & Dungeons 4 theme added: The Mod.io UI was visually improved and adjusted to fit the Dungeons theme.

[PC ONLY] Dungeons 4 Map Editor Beta

  • Improvements to the Dungeons 4 Map Editor menu window (Accessed via “Extras” -> “Editor (Beta)”). Access to tutorials, the wiki with useful information about the map editor tools and other information is now presented more prominently. The “Create new Map” button is now also moved to a more prominent position.
  • A question mark symbol has been added to the submenus within the editor. These link to the corresponding wiki information.

Game Options

thalya evil grin meme
  • “Font size” added in the options menu: This option allows you to adjust the font size. On lower resolutions it is automatically set to “Auto” and will choose the largest font size, but this can be changed via the options menu. When playing on small screens like the Steam Deck, the text now offers better legibility with the auto setting turned on.
  • “Camera movement speed” and “Fast camera movement mode” added: These options allow you to adjust the camera movement to your liking. The fast camera movement mode can be used by default when holding shift while moving the camera with WASD when playing on keyboard and by holding LB while moving the camera when playing via gamepad.
  • “Potentially unpleasant sounds” option added to the options menu: This option can be used to mute potentially unpleasant noises such as the heartbeat of the dungeon heart or chewing noises (from creatures and other sources).
  • “Hand of Terror visible” added to the options menu: Switching off this option will hide the Hand of Terror in the dungeon whenever possible.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the key bindings would show incorrect conflicts between dungeon and overworld hotkeys.

User Interface & Controls

  • Improved behavior when giving multiple consecutive movement orders to your units in quick succession. Previously, units were prevented from moving quickly to the new movement point and appeared jittery.
  • The name and hit points of enemy units are now displayed in the bottom right corner when selecting or hovering over them within the dungeon.
  • The name of the map played in a save file is now displayed in the load/save menu.
  • Improved the Hand of Terror appearing jittery to the other player when playing in co-op.
  • [Mouse & Keyboard] You can now return to the previous menus with a right mouse click.
  • [Gamepad] Adjusted the scroll speed in several menus.
  • [Gamepad] Units can now be renamed.

Gameplay & General Fixes

  • Added a level progression over time to Dwarven units in the dungeon (outside of the main campaign).
  • Fixed an issue where creeps and heroes would leave remains when they get reanimated and are replaced by stronger groups.
  • Manavores now heal when eating mana (Better pay attention to them, or you will experience exponential growth in real time!).
  • Fixed an issue where Manavores were not restarting the search for new mana spots after their target mana spot was picked up and dropped by the player.
  • Added a distinct unconscious icon (“seeing stars” icon instead of just a skull icon) to unconscious heroes.
  • Potions now heal a fixed amount of health.
  • Added more information to the victory screen statistics.
  • Added a new mini-map icon to overworld hero spawners when they are destroyed.
  • Improved the general color scheme of enemy health and during enemy healing.
  • Improved the display of health bars in general and in relation to long object or unit names.
  • Improved the skill area display marker of enemy bosses and towers (especially for better visibility on snow).
  • The behavior of good creatures (mini-bosses) when fighting in their arenas has been improved. They now refrain from going too far out of their area and no longer receive invulnerability and healing too often when trying to return to the center of their arena.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystal Golem would teleport far outside his arena area.
  • Further fixes to Snots sometimes disappearing under mysterious circumstances (related to the collection of resources).
  • Fixed an issue where unconscious heroes would get dragged to unfinished torture devices that were still under construction.
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon enemies would not get visually caught by the Slime Ball trap.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hamster Wheel of Death and Slime Ball trap placement would conflict with uncovered hidden rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where Thalya’s “The Heroes’ Grave” skill ability would trigger during some cinematic cutscenes and spawn ghost heroes when your creatures died in the cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Lord instantly appeared when moving him from the overworld to the dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling Thalya’s abilities would cost Evilness even though the casting of the ability was canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pit Fiend couldn’t be dropped on Dungeon exits.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pit Fiend couldn’t be summoned after dismissing the unit previously.
  • Fixed an issue where the Graveyard Tomb names were always displayed as “Banshee’s Tomb”.
  • Fixed an issue where some Dwarven units would sometimes bring excess Gold to the overworld and then get stuck there.
  • Fixed an issue where some Dwarven units were not visually opening Dwarven doors.
  • Fixed visual issues with Thalya which occurred while she was imprisoned in the cage.
  • Fixed an issue where Thalya’s passive skills were not being displayed correctly in the in-game menu (when pressing ESC while playing).

Animations & Visual Effects & Sounds

  • Added cheering animations to the creatures when the Dungeon Lord is summoned.
  • Added a walking animation to heroes when they are imprisoned.
  • Improved some animations when Thalya is wearing her Sailor Suit outfit.
  • Improved the visual effects related to picking up and holding some of the resources in the Hand of Terror.
  • Added occasional comments from Thalya when she kills an enemy, is revived, or gets a new level.
  • Added sounds when using toggle on/off buttons.
  • Fixed incorrect step sounds in the fog of war.
  • Improved the sounds of the Dungeon Lord.
  • Fixed an issue where Thalya’s and the Narrator’s greeting voice lines would overlap during startup.


  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the description of when horde units needed Beer to satisfy their needs. It now states correctly that horde units need Beer starting with level 6.
  • Several smaller localization fixes & improvements.
Dungeons 4 Thalya peeking cutscene