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27. January 2021

Inside Kalypso: A Day in the Life of a Kalypso Intern

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Hi everyone,


My name is Svenja and I’m currently doing my internship at Kalypso Media. I’m studying Marketing Management and during my internship, I’ve worked in the Customer Communications department, taking care of all the social media activities. Unfortunately, my time here is now coming to an end and I’m disappointed I won’t get to stay longer. If I could stay, and not have to continue my studies, I would do it right away, so I would like to send lots of love to my colleagues and say a big thank you to Kalypso for such a great time.

So, how is it to work for a publisher? For many gamers it is certainly a dream to work where games are the focus – whether that’s developer, publisher, exhibition, journalism or other involved parties. The same is true for me and since childhood, I’ve been gaming on consoles and PC. I love the community and it’s just the best hobby, so I applied for my internship at Kalypso and was excited to get picked.

On my first day, it was just like I had imagined it to be. The walls were decorated with game posters and display stands, there were various awards hanging in the meeting room, the rooms were adorned with nerdy decorations, and everyone is pretty cool. During my first few days, I was mainly tasked with playing Port Royale 4 to get to know the game better, as I was soon to take care of this title on social media. What’s cooler than ‘having’ to play games at work and getting to come up with ideas for great content? Well, let me tell you, it isn’t always easy. Game testers – the QA – have a particularly difficult job and, I must say, launching and closing the same game in different languages all day isn’t the most fun. Despite the fact that you play, it’s still work and unfortunately, it’s not always fun – but it’s good when it (usually) is 😉.

From my first-hand experience, I can tell you that in the morning, at least in our office, it’s still quite empty and you can take your time and prepare to start your day. One of my main tasks in the morning is to answer the new comments and direct messages first, after consultation.

Of course, the work is great but spending lunch with my colleagues is the best part of the day. One of my favourite past times is playing games – both with and sometimes against my colleagues. It was enjoyable.

I spend most of my time planning and preparing posts for social media; thinking about what our customers – the gaming community – might like and what’s interesting to them. I also plan the execution of posts – some of which need a lot of preparation, even if it might not look like that at first glance.

Remember the below Tropico 6 pictures with El Presidente as a criminal?

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