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29. August 2023

Kalypso Media X gamescom 2023 – and it went like…

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After a long but exciting week at gamescom, it’s time to wrap up our Kalypso Media team adventure and take a look back at our experiences: We’re incredibly happy for the opportunity to showcase Dungeons 4 to the public for the first time and present a sneak peek of The Inquisitor to members of the press!

Several Kalypso Media teams went out on the road to share the latest and greatest from Kalypso at gamescom: The Xbox team supported the first ever public gameplay demos of Dungeons 4 at the Xbox booth in the entertainment area, our PR team along with The Dust, the developers of The Inquisitor, set up behind the scenes meetings at the UKIE booth, offering a glimpse of the game, our business team conducted meetings in the business area, and almost our entire HQ team was in Cologne on Wednesday where gamescom opened for trade visitors!

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The evil gang is here at gamescom 2023!

It’s Hammer Time… First stop at gamescom: Dungeons 4 at the Xbox booth!

We teamed up with Microsoft to let adepts of evil take over the role of Evil™ and try out Dungeons 4 for themselves. Evilness surely spread through Hall 8 and all of gamescom as many evil minions played through the second campaign mission “Hammer Time, Round Two”, experiencing some of the new features coming to Dungeons 4. It was deliciously evil partnering with Microsoft to bring Dungeons 4 at gamescom and seeing the lines of players waiting to switch to the evil side!

Soon we’ll be taking over the whole world, and evilfying the- ok ok, gotta hide the evilness for now… but only until the release on November 9th!

👇 ICYMI: If you’re feeling empty and non-evil after gamescom, why not check out our new gameplay trailer for Dungeons 4? wink wink 👇

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Next stop: The Inquisitor in the business area!

During gamescom, we lifted the veil from Koenigstein and showicased The Inquisitor to the press at the UKIE booth – The Inquisitor is a story-driven dark fantasy adventure game with a focus on detective elements with engaging action mechanics added to the mix. The messengers of the Holy Office consisted of our PR team and two developers from The Dust, Konrad Giedrys, Quality Assurance Specialist and Audio Designer, as well as Piotr Siemaszko, Marketing Manager – two experts guiding our visitors safely through the dark and muddy streets of Koenigstein.

In addition to showing the first live gameplay to trade visitors at gamescom, we also released the first official gameplay trailer for The Inquisitor, so anyone can get a sneak peek. 👇

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It’s been an amazing ride, and we want to thank everyone who joined us in our adventure at gamescom! It’s time to wrap up this flashback – now, we’re looking forward to the future!

We can’t wait to show you more of our two upcoming games. Keep a look out on our social channels, our official website, even join our community Discord listed below for more information and sneak peeks in the coming weeks and months!

Your team at Kalypso Media – where games live 🎮