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12. May 2021

Milestone 2018: Strategy classics get a new home

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On we go in our 15-year retrospective! The next milestone takes us back to the summer of 2018. It was a momentous occasion, 2 years ago in June, when we were able to announce that we’d secured the rights to Pyro Studios’ strategy classics Imperial Glory, Praetorians and, of course the forefather of real-time strategy, the mighty Commandos.

Alongside this announcement, and the prospect of reviving the dynamic duo of strategy powerhouses Commandos 2: Men of Courage and Praetorians, came a huge wave of joy and excitement from fans around the globe. With the release of Praetorians – HD Remaster and Commandos 2 – HD Remaster for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™) we’d taken our first steps in reviving some of the most beloved strategy titles of all time.

As touched upon in our first milestone, the founding of Claymore Game Studios was another moment we look back on with great pride. The staff at our newest in-house development studio are excited and passionate about doing justice to the Commandos brand and legacy and we can’t wait to deliver a new game that both newcomers and Commandos series veterans can dig into and enjoy.

“We have a great deal of respect for the legacy of Pyro Studios and feel a responsibility to revive and develop these beloved titles to bring them to fans around the world,” said Kalypso Media founder and CEO Simon Hellwig. “We are very proud and honoured to be able to add such well-known and successful brands as Commandos, Praetorians and Imperial Glory to the Kalypso portfolio with immediate effect.”