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21. June 2021

Spacebase Changelog – Update 1.3.1 [PS4]

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I have received an emergency report from nearby stations and put the R.F.S. units to work right away. Update 1.3.1 (for PS4) fixes an issue where rooms were not available for construction in the factory until after the research had been completed. Update 1.3.1 also adds a research queue and makes other improvements highly requested by the community.    

Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia with your feedback and suggestions. 

New features  

  • New option to reduce VAL chattiness  
  • New disease: chestburster parasite  
  • Traders can now be called with Prestige  
  • Added a queue for research   
  • Skirmish games can now be played without combat  
  • New animations for waiting units  
  • New and improved hints for garbage management, info notifications for toxic waste and explanations of functions  
  • Pirates can now drop rewards when they are defeated  
  • New icon and visual for C.R.A.T.E.s containing drones  
  • Explanation of the ratios between different items that can be placed in rooms  
  • Spawn trash when a drone or mech dies  

Bug fixes 

  • Fixed an issue with savegames getting damaged right after saving  
  • Fixed Security Drone researches not being applied correctly  
  • Fixed some minor UI issues  
  • Fixed an issue with selling toxic waste  
  • Fixed various tooltip issues  
  • Fixed several issues with the Factory production and amount of resources shown in UI  
  • Fixed an issue where the effect for picking up multiple items was visible outside the station  
  • Fixed the notification VFX still being visible on the pause screen  
  • Fixed an issue when capturing another station owner’s rooms  
  • Fixed an issue with aliens not reacting even though lots of aliens want to leave the station  
  • Fixed various minor graphics issues  
  • Fixed an issue where rooms where not available for construction in the factory until after the research had been completed 
  • Fixed an issue where a unit’s selection marker remained visible after the unit was destroyed 
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when aliens were killed in certain situations 
  • Fixed an issue with camera collision with regard to the walls of different sized rooms 
  • Fixed an issue where aliens could get stuck in the Berth 
  • Fixed an issue with the Cargo Hold where C.R.A.T.E.s would sometimes not remove correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where Fuzzies would sometimes not display a face 
  • Fixed an issue with the Controller menu controls 
  • Fixed an issue where a false combat alarm could trigger 

General improvements and changes 

  • In Multiplayer, the current version is incompatible with prior versions 
  • Minor optimization for user interface entries in the Unit List 
  • Performance improvements 
  • The Security Station now uses the correct animation when mech production is cancelled 
  • Reduced amount of bombs in later missions  
  • Added improved variable room presets  
  • Improved Dryad working logic  
  • UV Grenade description adjusted: Only enhances growth of existing plants  
  • Description of Dryads now shows how many Dryads per unlocked bulkhead are sufficient  
  • Clarified toxic material description  
  • Clarified Commando Point description  
  • Rooms no longer produce trash when constructed  
  • Audio optimizations and performance improvements  
  • Mech paths are no longer getting blocked by buildings  
  • Mechs now automatically attack military units over Fuzzies over ever Energy Core  
  • Deploying new Fuzzies is now easier, right-clicking will place the Fuzzy at the Energy Core  
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements  


  • Energy Cores take more time to get repaired by Fuzzies  

Controls and UI  

  • Added option to disable placement-lines  
  • Added a repair button to mech combat UI  
  • Notifications can now be disabled for the rest of the game  
  • Added the option to pick ”Always choose this option” for some events for the rest of the game  


  • “Introduction: Visitors”: Fixed an issue with placing an Energy Distributor before being instructed to do so  
  • “Introduction: Visitors”: Fixed an issue with the Space Disco being moved  
  • “Advanced introduction: Practical Test”: Fixed an issue with a mission objective counter