Spacebase Startopia FAQ

Genre Strategy/Simulation
Release Spring 2021
Age rating E 10+/7+/6 (ESRB/PEGI/USK)
Platforms PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux), Xbox (One Series S|X), PlayStation 4|5, Nintendo Switch

What is Spacebase Startopia?
[System Reboot…]
[Update 1/052020 running…Please wait!]
[Update successful!]
[Initializing VAL…]

“Help, we’re all going to d… wha… Oh, excuse me, it seems my system is no longer up-to-date – [old memory status deleted] – ah, that’s better…

WELCOME to the Spacebase Startopia! I’m VAL, your helpful and efficient Space Station AI!”

According to my records, this Station hasn’t been used at all in the last 17 years. How strange. Furthermore, it would appear that you are the only rational life form in this Sector. Congratulations! I hereby officially appoint you as Commander of this space station. Hopefully you will enjoy more success than your predecessor who, according to the logbook, uh… ran into some wormlike aliens… Oh, nothing to worry about, I’m sure.

To keep the same thing from happening to you, there’s a lot you’re going to have to do. Among other things, there’s the development of additional sectors, maintenance of the three vital main decks, as well as customer acquisition and entertainment of our extraterrestrial visitors, who provide us with sufficient energy for our plans for global improvement. Oh, and before I forget – it’s probably just a bug in my security protocols, but my sensors are showing an extraordinarily high number of enemy creatures located in all other sectors.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work! Let us join forces to conquer space.”

SPACEBASE STARTOPIA captivates players with its original mixture of economic simulation and empire building strategy, paired with classic RTS skirmishes and a good dose of humor. In addition to the challenging single player campaign and the versatile battle mode, there are also competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes for up to four players. And if maintaining the three space station decks, entertaining eight different alien races and defending against enemy invaders wasn’t enough, there’s also the dynamic narrator AI, who is not known for mincing its words if it feels you’re not up to the task.

What are the main features of Spacebase Startopia?

  • The 10-mission, fully-voiced single-player campaign will require all your skills as Commander of Spacebase Startopia as you strive to create the most attractive trade and tourism destination in the known universe.
  • Each of the three decks will require your leadership skills to manage effectively, with the Sub Deck containing all of the rooms vital to survival, while the Fun Deck focuses on the entertainment of your visitors, and the flora and fauna of the Bio Deck provides precious resources for survival as well as a home to the graceful Dryads.
  • Prevail against your competitors, for you are not alone on the Space Station. Sabotage your opponents’ economies, attack them with Mech units or conduct trade – but beware of Space Pirates eager to board your station.
  • The dynamic narrator AI “VAL” reacts to your decisions and is always at your side in both words and deeds – mostly. Oh, and is also happy to provide the occasional (extremely unqualified) comment.
  • An individually configurable sandbox mode as well as both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes for up to four players.

Spacebase Startopia in numbers

  • 10 single-player missions
  • 30 different rooms
  • 7 alien races + 1 droid + 1 mech unit
  • Competitive and cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • 3 different game modes

Who is developing Spacebase Startopia?
Spacebase Startopia is developed by Realmforge Studios, located in Munich, Germany.
Realmforge Studios are the creators and masterminds behind, amongst others, the critically acclaimed Dungeons series, headlined by the recent Dungeons 3 (94% on Steam).

What engine does Spacebase Startopia use? 
Spacebase Startopia uses the latest Unity Engine.

Which platforms will Spacebase Startopia be released on?

  • Spacebase Startopia will release on PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux), Xbox (One Series S|X), PlayStation 4|5 and Nintendo Switch

When will the game be released?
Spacebase Startopia is planned for release in Spring 2021.

Will there be a beta phase?
Sure and it is already running. Find more details here:

Spacebase Startopia Beta FAQ

Will Spacebase Startopia include multiplayer?
Yes. There will be cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to 4 players.
In competitive multiplayer, players will all be placed randomly on the station. Whenever a player expands their territory, there’s a risk that an opposing player could be waiting behind the next locked door.

What languages will be available in Spacebase Startopia?
The game will support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian (with subtitles).

Will there also be a retail version?
Yes, there will be a retail version of Spacebase Startopia on Xbox (One Series S|X), PlayStation 4|5 and Nintendo Switch

Will players be able to customize the aliens, or even be able to create their own?
No, there are no customization options for the aliens in Spacebase Startopia.

Will Spacebase Startopia feature modding support?
No, Spacebase Startopia will not feature modding support.

What performance level can we expect from Spacebase Startopia?
As development is still in progress and optimizations need to be done at a later stage, this cannot be specified at the moment. Nonetheless, we are aiming that the game will smoothly run at an average of 60 FPS on a mid-range PC and at 30 FPS on consoles. It will likely perform better on PlayStation 5 and Xbox (Series S|X).

Will the typical dark humour that Realmforge Studios is known for, be back?
Yes, VAL (virtual artificial lifeform) will be the helping AI for the player and will inform them about important things going on in the game. Sometimes useful for the player, but be aware that sarcasm subroutines are working in normal parameters at all times.

What is the estimated playtime for the main campaign?
This will vary according to the skill level and playstyle of the player. As an estimate, we are aiming for a playtime of around 20+ hours for the campaign, not including any in sandbox mode, multiplayer and so on.

How deep will the building, simulation and RTS elements be?
Primarily, the game will stick to its core and will be a space station builder, where players have to maintain their space station, according to the needs of the visiting space-tourists and the requirements to keep the station running and of course, expanding.

However, the player will also have to face down intruders or other challenges that a space station might come into contact with. These challenges will require some combat skill and will be RTS-based. Various aliens/mechs will help the player fight off intruders and/or other threats to the space station.