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1. September 2021

Spacebase Startopia – Update 1.4.2


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I have received an emergency report from a few nearby stations and put the R.F.S. units to work right away. Update 1.4.2 for Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/X/S includes several improvements, such as a newly added trade and production tutorial. It also fixes the issue where input hits for the gamepad would stop showing after the controller gets disconnected.

Update also 1.4.2 fixes an issue where the ‘Inner Peace’ achievement would not unlock.

Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia with your feedback and suggestions.

A detailed list about Update 1.4.2 can be found below:

New features


  • Improved performance of unit list filter
  • ‘A Spiritual Journey’: Added side quest reward
  • Minor performance improvement for terrain
  • Added berth blueprints with liter trash cans
  • Changed the trash management hint to pop up less often (20 minutes)
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer now requires all players to be on the latest version of the game


  • ‘Introduction: Construction’: New berth blueprints have been removed
  • Fixed an issue where Tutorial 4 could not be finished
  • Added new trade & production tutorial

Bug fixes

  • Fixed aliens displaying need for promotion when already at the level cap
  • Fixed an issue where the energy absorber could not be collected
  • ‘A Spiritual Journey’: Fixed visuals for the hired hate preacher
  • ‘The First Contact’:  Fixed an issue where battery farms and energy distributors failed to generate toxic waste
  • Fixed the trader call button not deactivating properly when spaceport is missing 
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Inner Peace’ achievement would not unlock
  • Fixed Multiplayer communication center not functioning correctly
  • Fixed opened sub deck gate remnants being visible in rooms with cutout floors
  • Fixed an issue were teleported-in groups from events would re-spawn
  • Fixed the arrest button so that it is not greyed out anymore, as long as the alien is not arrested
  • The player can no longer put plants in a sector that is already full and no longer quick-harvest plants without receiving crates
  • Fixed missing activation costs for some of the fun deck buildings
  • Fixed an animation issue where aliens sitting around benches would not stand up anymore
  • Fixed an animation issue with plants
  • Fixed an issue that would display the debug console if a game was saved
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when aliens were killed in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue that could result in aliens getting stuck in the berth
  • Fixed units getting displayed on the wrong deck
  • Fixed an issue where a fuzzie could transform into an O2-crate
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if O2 Crates were shown that were already teleported away
  • Fixed an issue were fuzzies would not display a face sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the factory would not refresh after finished research
  • Fixed a false combat alarm that could be triggered by drones even though the combat happens behind the closed bulkhead
  • Fixed an issue where the Luxury Tourist category could not be unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where some save game would cause the game to crash upon loading
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby will become inaccessible if the host kicks out a bot or another player
  • Fixed an issue that would not let players join a multiplayer match via invite while in single player mode
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not access the unit’s menu after its first use
  • Fixed an issue that would make the energy core move on its own.
  • Fixed an issue where the target for Sabotage could not be selected
  • Fixed mouse-wheel scrolling issues within the game lobby
  • Fixed an error with the English intro video subtitles
  • Fixed an issue where AI would clutter cargo holds, filling them up with unused goods after long sessions
  • Fixed an issue where game settings would change when loading a game
  • Fixed an issue that would show the garbage bots outside of the station
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a mech construction would show an improper animation
  • Health bars in boss battles are now showing correctly

Controls and UI

  • Fixed UI and displaying errors
  • Fixed flickering that could occur if the camera is in a certain angle with the oxygen overlay active
  • Fixed various text overlap issues
  • Fixed minor typos in localization
  • Fixed a combat selection visual effect not getting destroyed on the death of a unit.
  • Fixed camera collision with variable sized room walls
  • Fixed an issue with the camera getting stuck on the Star Hotel
  • Fixed various gamepad input and control issues
  • Fixed an issue with the Save Game selection behavior via gamepad
  • Fixed notification highlighting for gamepads
  • Fixed an issue where input hints for the gamepad would stop showing after the controller gets disconnected
  • Removed a mouse control hint that was wrongly featured in the console versions

PC only

  • Fixed an issue where the player could assign windows and right click keys for buttons in the key binding menu
  • Fixed rebinding conflict message not being closed correctly in some cases

Xbox One | Xbox Series X/S only

  • Xbox: Fixed an issue with the resume and suspend feature on console that caused the game to crash