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23. January 2024

Tropico 6 | Update 21.5

Tropico 6 Update 21.5 2

Fellow Tropicans, 

We have just released the minor Update 21.5 for Steam, Windows PC, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 | 5.

With Update 21.5, we have fixed several uncommon issues that could lead to corrupted savegames, several “Going Viral” DLC specific issues, and an issue that led to very large savegames.

el prez head

Among other fixes we have also included some balance changes, like the reduced pollution cleansing effect of Inspiring Billboard “Recycle!”.

For more details, please check out the full changelog below. 

Viva Tropico! 


  • The pollution cleansing effect of Inspiring Billboard “Recycle!” has been greatly reduced.
  • The Opera House efficiency is now affected by surrounding beauty as intended and stated in its efficiency tab. Updated the building description accordingly.
  • [Going Viral]: In campaign mission 4 “Tropico’s Healing Hands”, completing the side quest “Infection Clean-up” now rewards the delays of Wyndham’s attacks for the current chemtrail interval.
  • [Going Viral]: Greatly reduced the time until an active disease ends when only a few infected are left in the world and on Tropico.


  • Fixed rare savegame corruptions related to the “Sea Disposal” edict.
  • Fixed rare savegame corruptions related to destroyed buildings.
  • Fixed rare savegame corruptions related to El Presidente Club.
  • An issue in the calculation of the efficiency bonus of the Immigration Office has been fixed. On the highest efficiency setting, the immigration office no longer stops immigration completely when several bonuses are combined.
  • Fixed an issue where savegames would become large in size when relocating the Drone to Home Delivery while the Zeppelin is moving.
  • Fixed an issue where citizens could get stuck or corrupt the savegame when inside Drone Taxis
  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to build roads through the Fourth Dungeon Entrance.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong voice line was played when borrowing The Eternal Flame.
  • Fixed an issue where Coconut Harvesters and Mines could not be relocated when their resource was depleted.
  • Fixed an issue where Random Map Generation would generate slightly different terrains when loading a game on Mac, Linux, and PlayStation.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection arrow clipped into the Inspiring Statue
  • Fixed an issue where Inspiring Statue did not show its effect during placement. A tooltip was added.
  • Increased resolution of blurry building overhead icons for the Reclaimer, Fresh Water Well, and Fresh Water Tower
  • Fixed overlay display of The Great Wall.
  • Mod compatibility is now also checked when using “Continue” from the main menu.
  • [Multiplayer]: Fixed an issue where players sometimes had the wrong quests or constitution options assigned.
  • [Going Viral]: Fixed an issue where citizens in a coma (Lethargic Plague) got permanently stuck when getting immunized through a quest reward.
  • [Going Viral]: Added description of the effect of a pandemic on the Martial Law edict.
  • [Going Viral]: Fixed some issues with the text layout on the Disease UI.
  • [Going Viral]: Fixed an issue where the yellow ‘!’ marker in the Disease UI button did not show up when testing the cure multiple times in a row.
  • [Going Viral]: Disease UI no longer closes when selecting Tropicans from the Disease Overview
  • [Going Viral]: “Testing” of any different ingredients is instant when the cure is already known.
  • [Going Viral]: Fixed money awarded through the “Tri-Monthly Booster” edict not showing up in Almanac statistics.
  • [Going Viral] [Multiplayer]: In multiplayer, fixed display of Swiss Money prices when “Closed Borders” edict is running.