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23. April 2020

Tropico 6 Update Nueve ‘Guagua’ has been released on all platforms

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Fellow Tropicans!
A new free update for Tropico 6 is now available!
The new update will see general improvements, balancing changes and many bug fixes for both the main game and DLC.

Check below for further details:


  • [PC] Multiplayer cross play enabled for GOG.
    • GOG players can now play with Steam and Origin players and vice-versa.
    • GOG MacOS support for cross play will follow with the next update
  • Game now remembers last used monitor in a multi-monitor setup

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could get stuck at bus stops due to bus driver also waiting for bus
  • Fixed issue where buses could get stuck if bus stops were demolished
  • Fixed issue where the Security Checkpoint in work mode ‘Road Toll’ would not generate money when ‘Privacy Rights’ Constitution option was active
  • Fixed issue where change of era did not stop invasion from Superpowers
  • Fixed issue where global happiness modifiers where not shown if the different effects had no impact
  • Fixed issue where Conservatives Ultimatum triggered an election even when Martial Law edict was active
  • Fixed Industrialist Ultimatum so it now affects pollution as described
  • Fixed issue where demolished buildings still showed in the Almanac
  • Fixed issue where demolishing a building under protest could lead to stuck Tropicans
  • Fixed issue where protests would not end even after the military solution was enacted
  • Fixed issue where tasks triggered by the ‘Audience’ edict would not show in task tracker
  • Fixed issue where edict ‘Light Bulb Ban’ did not affect all residential buildings
  • Fixed happiness for Caribbean Trade Pact Association so that it decreases over time as intended
  • Fixed issue where Tour Office work modes did not affect the efficiency correctly
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could be detained in prisons without an available worker slot
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans refused to work as coconut harvesters
  • Fixed issue where Broker candidates in a Ministry would continue to generate Swiss money even after demolishing the Ministry
  • Fixed issue where all tourists had the same name in ‘Ball Game’
  • Fixed issue where raids could not be completed due to all agents being killed in action
  • Fixed issue where Tropicans could marry themselves
  • Fixed issue where, after loading a saved game, Shopping Mall had multiple instances of the same goods
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Relative Happiness’ modifier in Agent menu always displayed ‘0’
  • Fixed issue where tunnels could get stuck in ‘repair’ state
  • Fixed issue where tunnel construction costs were not refunded even if construction was cancelled
  • Fixed issue where, in Bureaucracy, any in-progress bridge would show as a street sitting atop water
  • Fixed minor glitches that occurred when placing roads
  • Fixed misleading description for the Eifel Tower
  • [Mac] Specific key-bindings for MacOS are now shown correctly during tutorial and in the key-binding options menu
  • Fixed multiple crashes
  • Fixed several graphical glitches
  • Fixed several text issues


  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issues where ‘diplomatic relations’ status would display differently for players and host
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where freighter arrival time would display as ‘0 days’
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where diplomatic interactions would not appear for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where ‘Tourist only’ buildings would not work for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where ‘Smear Campaign’ effect wasn’t visible in Almanac
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where landmarks could be delivered twice
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where El Presidente image on ‘Inspiring Billboard’ was missing for players
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed issue where drought icon and notification were not showing for players

Llama of Wallstreet DLC

  • Added warning message to all saved games in which new DLC content is unavailable
  • Fixed issue where Toy Workshop upgrade ‘Set A Sign’ increased pollution instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed issue where effects of economic event ‘Caribbean Hype’ didn’t match the description text
  • Fixed issue where, during the economic event ‘Singularity’, workers could be hired using a locked worker slot.