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26. August 2021

Tropico 6 Update 15 – “Entretenimiento de músicos callejeros”

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Tropico 6 Update v.15 ‘Entretenimiento de Músicos Callejeros’ was just released for Windows, Linux, Mac for Steam, Xbox One and PS4. This update adds new content, such as the busker and the option to apply custom names to citizens and buildings. Give your island paradise even more character and name your inhabitants freely according to your wishes!


25. August 2021

Railway Empire – Update 1.14.1

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Railway Empire Update 1.14.1 is now available for Windows PC, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update fixes a bug that had trains not to be properly unloaded. Update 1.14.1 also fixes a bug that stopped the Monster Snack achievement from being unlocked. Additionally, it adds further improvements to the Railway Empire – Japan DLC.


8. June 2021

Tropico 6 Update 14 – El gran resumen!

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Tropico 6 has just received Update v.14: ‘El gran resumen’. This update adds three new multiplayer maps and the brand-new ‘Resource Overview’ tab. It also fixes several bugs, including the player receiving an overly high tourist rating after visiting a Gourmet Restaurant with Sushi Mastery work mode.


26. May 2021

Spacebase Changelog – Update 1.3.1

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I have received an emergency report from a few nearby stations and put the R.F.S. units to work right away. Update 1.3.1 for PC fixes an issue where rooms were not available for construction in the factory until after the research had been completed.