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24. August 2023

The Inquisitor | FAQ

Genre Dark Fantasy Adventure Release Date Coming Soon Age Rating Pending: May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 18.  Platforms PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S What is The Inquisitor? In The Inquisitor, players take on the role of Mordimer Madderdin, servant of God and appointed Inquisitor by the Bishop of Hez Hezron. […]


6. July 2023

🚂 Railway Empire 2 | Update 1.0.3

Kalypso Blog Header Railway Empire 2

Today we are delivering Railway Empire 2’s first big update for PC, Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass for PC, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles (supported through Smart Delivery): Aboard the freight train there are over 100 fixes


15. March 2023

Dungeons 4 | FAQ


Dungeons 4 is a wholesome Dungeon management game where unicorns mingle among the lush trees; the good side has the high ground and the dark side on Hill Doom has not lived happily after. Oh, come on, which troll has changed the script again?


9. March 2023

Railway Empire 2 | FAQ

All aboard the express train to riches and fame in Railway Empire 2! Don the coat of a clever entrepreneur, take over a small railway company in the early 1800s and turn your steam engines into the workhorses of the economy.